Dr. Al-Heeti Dheia Sweedan 

Consultant surgeon have interest in gastroenterology surgery and endoscopy .responsible for cancer problem and pain clinic .

Personal data:

Name: Al-Heeti Dheia Sweedan

Dte of birth :14thof July 1952

Gender : Male

Marital status :Married with no children.

Nationality :Iraqi

Address: Baghdad-Iraq.


Email: dheya_heeti@yahoo.com



Present occupation:

1991-2007:Consultant surgeon Ramadi teaching hospital .



1977:M.B.ch.B college of Baghdad university of Iraq.

1989: Diploma in general surgery .

1982_1986:Arab board  training program in medical city teaching  hospital-Baghdad.

1987-1990:Regestrar in surgery in medical city teaching hospital

1992:Training coarse in management of cancer patient in cancer

       center in Baghdad institute.

1994:Training coarse in breast cancer control national program

         in ministry of health .

1997:Training coarse in pain management of cancer patient in

         Mousel cancer center

2000:Training coarse WHO for cancer control.


Past jobs :-

1978-1979:Military medicine.

1980-1981:Adminstrator of HEET general hospital

1982-1988:Chief resident in medical city teaching hospital .

1996-1998:Adminstrator of Ramadi teaching hospital.

1999_-2000:Chief of surgical department in Ramadi teaching

                    hospital .

1991-2007:Responsible for cancer control in the region.

2001till now : responsible for pain clinic in ramadi teaching


1991-2007:Chief department of gastroenterology endoscopy in ramadi  teaching hospital .


Professional scientific committees:

National cancer committee

National gastroenterology  committee.

National surgical committee.


Professional  Organization:

1977 till now

Member in Iraqi medical association.


Publications and Researches:

 -twenty interesting cases in general surgery .

 -Incidence of complicated acute appendicitis in medical city teaching hospital .

 -Research in forensic medicine related to surgery .

-Obstructive jaundice as complication of hydrated disease .

-Palliative treatment for patients with cancer of pancreas .

-Surgical options for patients with cancer of stomach .













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