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Dr. Bader Mohammed Al-Suhaibeh

Obstetrics & Gynaecology




Dr. Bader Mohammed Al-Suhaibeh

Date of Birth



P O Box 540639

Amman 11937


Email address



00962 777326370



Marital Status




ARAB BOARD part I ( 2002 ).

JMBC (Jordanian Medical specialization Board Certificate Obstetrics & Gynaecology) ( 2004).

MB BS – June 1998.

Jordan University, Amman,







20/2/2011 to OB/GYN Consultant and Head of department

27/3/2014 Alzahra Hospital

Algateef –Saudi Arabia

26/2/2010 to Director of IVF Center

30/6/2011 Hevi center for Fertility And Genetics


21/3/2006 to Specialist )with special interest in Reproductive Medicine and ART)

21/1/2010 Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

King Hussein Medical Center (KHMC), Amman-Jordan.

21/03/2004 to





01/01/2004 to




01/01/2001 to





1/1/2000 to









10/6/1998 to





Assistant Specialist

Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

King Hussein Medical Center (KHMC), Amman-Jordan.

Qualified Resident (Board eligible)

King Hussein Medical Center (KHMC) Amman-Jordan.



Three years Residency rotation

Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

King Hussein Medical Center (KHMC) & the group hospitals of the Royal Medical Services of the Jordan Armed Forces,



Department of General surgery & Urology.

King Hussein Medical Center (KHMC) Amman-Jordan.



Casualty Officer & Field Surgeon.

Royal Medical Services

Jordan Armed Forces.


House Officer in Medicine & General Surgery

Queen Alia Military Hospital.

Amman, Jordan





My training posts were at King Hussein Medical Centre (KHMC), Amman /Jordan. KHMC is the largest teaching hospital in the kingdom with over 1000 beds. It is the tertiary referral center in Jordan; it contains all specialties & subspecialties of medical &surgical practice. Consultants are trained in the UK and USA and most are holders of the respective royal colleges in the UK.

The training at (KHMC) is accredited by all royal colleges in the UK.

Web site of the royal medical services and (KHMC)



As a Senior House Officer I shared in most of the clinical activities. I was involved in pre and postoperative care of patients which included clerking, peripheral lines, bowl preparation, postoperative follow up, theatre assistance, ward rounds, outpatient clinics and I acquired good surgical skills.

Casualty Officer & Field Surgeon

During this period, I was involved in the initial resuscitation of major trauma patients and air ambulance was experienced. I also was involved in delivering primary care.

Residency in Urology&General Surgery

One-year residency in urology &general surgery is a prerequisite for entry to the residency training in obstetrics &gynaecology at (KHMC). http://www.jrms.com/

I received training in catheterization, cystostomy, cystoscopy, and trans-urethral prostate resection. I assisted in major abdominal surgery, endoscopic surgery and renal transplants. I acquired skills in postoperative complication management.

Residency training in Obstetrics & gynaecology

This is four years of training and continuous assessment with annual examination. Succefull completion of the period confers eligibility to appear in the national board examination, which culminates in the award of the JMBC Jordanian Medical specialization Board Certificate.

During my training at KHMC in Jordan I gained wide-ranging experience in general obstetrics & gynaecology .I also worked with firms specializing in reproductive medicine, gynecological oncology and urogynaecology. I had an intense exposure to Obstetrics in a very busy unit (6000 deliveries per annum).


My obstetric experience includes management of complicated pregnancies, performing basic ultrasound scanning, as well as being involved in daily running of a labour ward. I gained a wide experience in management of complicated deliveries, both instrumental (using the forceps or the ventouse) and operative by caesarean sections. I am also experienced in vaginal breech and twin deliveries. I have undertaken the management of cases with shoulder dystocia and third stage complications including repair of complete perineal tear.


I have gained good experience in all aspects of general gynaecology, having been responsible, as specialist, for the management of acute gynaecological emergencies, the daily care of patients on the gynaecology ward, running weekly out patient clinic and performing minor & major surgery. My surgical skills are continuously improving & my experiences include abdominal & vaginal hysterectomy, vaginal repair operations, diagnostic laparoscopies and laparotomies. I have also assisted in varieties of gynaecological malignancies and urogynaecological operations. In addition I have gained experience in family planning and delivery of contraceptive services including IUCD, Norplant fitting and removal.

Reproductive Medicine and ART

Since March 2006 I have been member of reproductive medicine and ART team at king Hussein medical centre, I have been involved in management and follow up of patient in infertility clinic, including TVS follow up. I gained good experience in egg retrieval, sperm retrieval through FNA, and embryo transfer, my duties were expanded to follow up of patients post transfer and in early pregnancy clinic.

I have fair experience in laparoscopic surgery, both diagnostic and simple laparoscopic procedures, in addition to hysteroscopy.






reading history and computing


Dr. Aiman Al-Sumadi MRCOG

Consultant OBS.& GYN

Assisted Reproduction Unit-King Hussein Medical Centre

P.O Box 2708

Amman 11953


Dr. Maher Maaita MRCOG

Consultant OBS.& GYN

Fetomaternal Medicine unit-King Hussein Medical Centre

King Hussein Medical Centre

P.O Box 55

Amman 11733














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