Dr. Awad Hasan Al-Tarawneh

Consultant Dermatologist

Tel.(06 5732930)

Mobile: ( 962+795 224 714 )



Curriculum Vitae


Name: Awad Hasan Al-Tarawneh

Date of Birth: Nov.15.1958

Citizenship: Jordanian

Present address: Marj AL-Hamam, Amman

Jordan P.o.B: 329

Postal code  11732

Tel.(06 5732930)-(0795224714)




1997-     Fellowship in dermatopathology

From Boston University Medical Center. USA

1993-     Jordanian board in dermatology and veneriology.

1984-    MD diploma with honors from the Kharkov state medical institute, Ukraine ((previous USSR))

1977-    Graduated from Al-Mazar secondary school,           Al Mazar- Al-Karak.



       Professional Training, Working experience and employment:

2006 Oct.- Consultant Dermatologist and Dermatopathologist in private practice.  

2004- Sep. 2006:- Senior Specialist in Dermatology and dermatopathology at King Hussein Medical Center.

1997-Sep. 2006:- Teaching dermatopathology and dermatology  to dermatology residents in the residency program at King Hussein  Medical Center.

2000-    present:- part-time teaching dermatopathology and dermatology to dermatology residents at Jordan university hospital residency program. Faculty of Medicine - Jordan University.

1999-2004 :- specialist in dermatology and dermatopathology at King Hussein Medical Center .

1997-1999 :- Assistant specialist in Dermatology and dermatopathology at king Hussein Medical Center and prince Zaid hospital.


1995-1997:- Dermatopathology fellow at Boston University Medical Center, Boston, MA, USA.


1993-1995:- Assistant specialist in Dermatology at king Hussein Medical Center and prince Zaid Hospital.


1989-1993:- Dermatology  resident in the residency  program at King Hussein Medical Center.


1988-1989:- General practice in field medical units of the Jordanian armed forces.


1986-1988:- Training in the pathology department at King Hussein Medical Center.



1984-1986:- Rotating internship at the Base military Hospital at Amman.


       Licensure and Examinations:


-Jordanian Board in Dermatology and veneriology -1993

-physicians license in Jordan 1986.


       Society membership:


-Member of the Jordanian society of dermatology and veneriology.


        Bibliography : ((publication )) :


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       Participation in meeting and conferences:

 ( abstract)


1-   Awad AL-Tarawneh, Bill Anderson and Jag Bhawan. Folliculocentric eccrine mahatma. 34 annual meeting of the American society of dermatopathology 1997. march 21-26 San Francisco.CA.


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3-   Awad AL-Tarawneh. Skin manifestations of internal malignancy analysis of 34 skin biopsy results. The second international conference of Royal Jordanian Medical Services Amman 7-10 October 2003.


4-   Awad AL-Tarawneh. The value of proper dermatopathological examination, presentation of few representative cases. First conference of Arab Faculties of medicine society and first conference of Jordanian faculties of medicine.


5-   Awad AL-Tarawneh, Abdulla Hunaiti unusual variants of discoid lupus erythematosus; Hypertrophic variant and linear or Zosteriform variant. The fifth scientific medical day of internal medicine department of the Royal Medical Service of Jordan. Amman 7th Oct. 2004.


6-   Awad AL-Tarawneh, Issa al-ziyoud, Mohamad Hilalat. Basel Rawashdeh. Life threatening immune- bullous skin disease. Analysis of 36 cases. The Key role of immune pathology in their diagnosis. The first international Jordanian conference of the Jordanian society of Allergy and immunology Amman 4-6 May 2005.


7-   Abdulla Huniti, Awad AL-Tarawneh. Tyrosinemia type 2 7th conference of the Pan- Arab league of dermatologist. Tunisia 20 Sep.2000.


8-   Awad Al-Tarawneh, .Salleh Al-Asaf. Expeireicining the precious value of dermatopathology: Analysis of 36 dermatopathological consultations. The 5th international meeting of the Jordanian society of dermatology and veneriology. Amman ,Apr.26. 2006.


9-   Awad Al-Tarawneh, Mohammed Tawarah.Sweets syndrome analysis of 22 cases. The 3rd international meeting of the Royal Medical Services . Amman Apr. 7 . 2006.

         Participation in conferences out side Jordan.


1.    The thirty third annual meeting of the American society of dermatopathology, Washington, DC.1996

2.    The 34 annual meeting of the American society of dermatopathology, San Francisco,CA 21-26 march 1997.

3.    3th International Academy of Cosmetic Dermatology World congress. Paris 2-5 July 2005.

4.    Annual meeting of the American Academy of dermatology 1996 10-15 Feb Washington, DC.

5.    Annual meeting of the American Academy of dermatology san Francisco, CA 21-26 march 1997.

6.    7th conference of pan-Arab league of dermatologist Tunisia Sep. 20- 2000.  

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