Dr Arafat Ayoub Al-Nueirat

اللواء المتقاعد الدكتور عرفات أيوب النعيرات 

مستشار أول طب وجراحة الأنف والأذن والحنجرة وزراعة القوقعة

·       زميل كلية الجراحين الملكية البريطانية FRCS .

·       عضو كلية الجراحين الايرلندية DLO .

·       زميل كلية الجراحين الدولية FICS .

·       عضو الأكاديمية الألمانية والأمريكية لجراحة الليزر .

·       رئيس دائرة الأنف والأذن والحنجرة

·       رئيس فريق زراعة  القوقعة

·       جراحة الليزر لعلاج الشخير وجراحة المنظار الأنف والجيوب في مدينة الحسين الطبية سابقا .

المستشفى التخصصي – الشميساني – العيادات الخارجية – الطابق الأرضي

هاتف المستشفى : + 962 6 560 96 09

العيادة :  + 962 6 566 60 56

موبايل : + 962 79 55 44 55 3



مستشار أول ورئيس دائرة الأنف والأذن والحنجرة- ورئيس فريق زراعة القوقعة وجراحة الليزر والشخير وجراحة المنظار للانف والجيوب .

في مدينة الحسين الطبية والخدمات الطبية الملكية سابقا

FRCS (Ed) UK , زميل كلية الجراحين الملكية البريطانية ادنبرا  

FICS Chicago, USAزميل كلية الجراحين الدولية شيكاغو

Jordanian ENT Board, البورد الأردني

DLO RCS Dublin, عضو جمعية الجراحين الأيرلندية     

MBBCH ( Greece ) بكالوريوس الطب والجراحة اليونان






May 1996 
  • FICS (Fellowship international collage of surgeons) Chicago , USA  
June 1995
  • FRCS; Fellowship Royal collage of surgeons; Edinburgh .    UK  
Sept 1988 
  • DLO; Diploma Laryngology & Otology Royal College of Surgeons; Dublin ; Ireland
June 1985 
  • Jordanian ENT Board; Amman , Jordan
April 1980    
  • Thessalonica University , Greece MBBCH Honours degree
July 1972 
  • King Hussein College , Jordan Secondary School

               GENERAL MEDICAL Council (GMC) UK

GMC Registration

Registration Number 88/1386


Full Registration since 1981

Registration Number 3704



  • Senior consultant, Otolaryngology, Head&Neck Surgery . Specialty Hospital , Al-Shmesani Area, Amman- Jordan  

  • EX-Senior consultant, Head of Otolaryngology Department of the Royal Medical Services and King Hussein Medical Centre (Group       Hospitals) (from June 2005 till now, May 2009)

  • Examiner, Jordanian Board since 2003 till JUNE 2009

  • Head of cochlear implant teem, Royal Medical Services since 2005 till June 2009

June 2001-June 2005

  • Senior consultant, Head of ENT specialty, Royal Medical Services and King Hussein Medical Centre

  • Head of scientific committee of the Jordanian ENT Society 2001- 2004


June 1998 –June 2001

  • ENT consultant, King Hussein medical Centre, The main referral  hospital in Jordan . The majority of Otolaryngological procedures are performed, more experience in management of Otology and neuro-otology cases, Sinus, Nasal endoscopic surgery.

June 1998 –2001      

  • ENT consultant King Hussein Hospital



  • Sinuses Endoscopic surgery  California University [UCLA] USA

July 1995 - June 1998: 

  • Senior Specialist King Hussein and Irbid Military Hospital.

August 1994 - July 1995

  • Registrar in Otolaryngology, Gartnavel General Hospital   - 1053 Great Western Road , GLASGOW G12, UK.

Duties of Registrar with special training in Ear, Nose and Throat

Surgery. In addition observing Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, I assisted at Major Head and Neck and Middle Ear Surgery

January 1992 - may 1994: 

Senior Specialist in otolaryngology King Hussein Medical Centre                                         

Duties of Senior Registrar in otolaryngology. Covering ENT patients during on call.

My duties as Senior Registrar included attending daily ward rounds to assess and evaluate surgical patients pre and post operatively, initiating any tests and making discharge plans.  I also managed out patient clinics in conjunction with the consultant.  MY surgical involvement included carrying out day surgery, minor operation and some majors. 1 assisted my Consultant in major operations. I also taught medical and paramedical students.  Carried out one in four on call duties.

October 19 88 - January 1992:

Specialist in otolaryngology, King Hussein Medical Centre                                     

My duties were similar as those of a Registrar. Carried out one in three on all duties.

Sept 1986 - Oct 1988

Clinical Training City Hospital , Edinburgh , UK

Attending out patient clinics, ward rounds, minor and major operations with Prof. A G D Maran and Mr Murray. All Head and Neck procedures are performed, experiences in the management of Head and Neck malignancies and the use of fibre-optic laryngoscope I attended pediatric Audio logy clinics and combined oral surgery clinics that has wided my experience

July 1985 – Sept 1986

Assistant specialist Royal Medical Services

Duties of a Senior House officer.  I attended ward rounds for pre and postoperative follow up and assessments.  I held out patient clinics and Assisted my Consultant in major surgery.  I covered first on call duties, one in three, covering all ENT emergencies.

July 1982 - July 1985

Resident in ENT King Hussein Medical Centre, Amman , Jordan

My duties were similar as those of House Officer.  I performed a one in two on call rota, admitted in-patients, planned pre and postoperative care, helped in clinics.  Assisted in different operations and attending teaching seminars.

July 1981 - July 1982

Residency in General Surgery, Royal Medical Services

While in this period my duties were similar as those outlined above, but in General Surgical Wards.

May 1980 - July 1981

Rotating Internship, King Hussein Medical Centre

I performed a one in two on call rota, admitted in-patients.  dealing with all emergency cases.   This period was six months Internal medicine and six months General Surgery.

March  2010
Rhinology course Egypt
Feb 2009
Sinoscopy Rhinoplasty course Dubai
Dec 2008
Endocsopic: Sinus Surgery course Cairo University Egypt
July 2008
Cochlear Surgey workshop ,Viena Austria
Nov 2007
Endocsopic Surgery and Rhinoplasty course, Bangock , Thailand
June 2006
Cochlear Surgey ,Viena Austria
Feb 2006 
Endoscopic Siuses Surgery Course Dubai
May 2005
Laser Surgery Course, Marburg Germany
Feb 2004
Endoscopic Siuses Surgery Course Ain Shams University Cairo Egypt
June 2003
  • Head and Neck Radiology Course
  • Professor M Mafee,Uneversity OF Miniseta , Chicago , USA
May 2002
  • Endoscopic Sinuses Surgery Course
  • Professor Reda Kamel , Cairo , Egypt
April 2002
  • Temporal Bone Surgery course
  • Professor Andre Sultan , Paris , France  
October 1999
  • Head and Neck Surgery, Endoscopic Sinus Surgery
  • California University [UCLA] USA .
March 1999
  • Endoscopic sinus surgery course,
  • Professor Stumberger , Austria
September 1998
  • FESS course, Glasgow University , Scotland , UK
May 1998
  • Management of Audiovestibular and Otological Disorders, University of Toronto , Canada .
May 1997
  • Lasers   in ENT Uses, Glasgow , UK .
January 1995
  • Head and Neck Surgery Course, Royal Liverpool University Hospital , UK .
August 1994
  • Functional Endoscopes Sinuses Surgery (FESS) Victoria Infirmary , UK .
June 1994
  • Paediatric ENT Course Glasgow Royal Infirmary , UK .
August 1988
  • Temporal Bone Course Glasgow Royal Infirmary , UK .
March 1988
  • Electric Response Eudiometry Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh, UK .
November 1987
  • Final Fellowship Examination Course in Otolaryngology - Dublin , Ireland .
September 1987
  • Revision Course in Otolaryngology, City Hospital Edinburgh , UK .
August 1987
  • General Surgery, Part II Diploma Course, Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh , UK .
February 1987
  • Basic Sciences Course Royal College of Surgeons. Edinburgh , UK .
September 1986
  • Basic Sciences Course Royal College of Surgeons. London , UK .
Teaching Experience
  • Teaching of the student of Moota University , Medical school since 2007
  • I worked as clinical conductor in the ENT Department at the Royal Medical Services, involved in teaching training the residents. In addition I have attended many national scientific meetings concerning ENT Surgery and related subjects.
  • All the hospital, at which I have held posts have held weekly postgraduate meetings, combined clinical-pathological x-ray meetings and also journal clubs and audit meetings.
  • I have also presented lectures to undergraduate and paramedical personnel covering the First Aid and ENT Emergencies.
  • I involved in teaching medical students of Glasgow Medical School and participating in tutorials for junior’s staff in the Department of Otolaryngology, Gartnavel Hospital Glasgow.
Outside Interests
Swimming, Travelling, and listening to music
Career Plan
I would like to update my experience in technical aspects of ENT such as Endoscopes Sinus Surgery, Middle Ear Surgery, Cochlear implant and Neuro-otology
While Speaking Arabic as my first language, I am also able to communicate well in writing and orally in English and Greek.

1-Mr. G. McGarry

Consultant Otolaryngologists

Department Head and Neck Surgery

Glasgow Royal Infirmary

Glasgow G31, 2ER

2-Col. Dr. Samir Zureikat.

Consultant otolaryngology

Head of ENT Department

Royal Medical Services

King Hussein Medical Centre

Amman Jordan

3-Mr N K Geddes

Consultant otolaryngologist Gartnavel General Hospital 1053 Great Western Road

GLASGOW G12 OYN , Scotland , UK

4-Mr H R Chandrachud

Consultant otolaryngologist

Gartnavel General Hospital

1053 Great Western Road


Scotland , UK


Papers published:
  1. Day case surgery in Pediatric Otolaryngology, Iraqi Medical journal, August 1997.
  2. The effect of Nasal packing on sleep disordered, Breathing and Noctural Oxygen Desaturation Qatar Medical, March 1998.
  3. Ear foreign body removal A review of 108 consecutive cases. Jordanian Medical Journal, March 1998.
  4. Modern management of epistaxis. Qatar Medical Journal, April 1998.
  5. The importance and efficacy of Adenotonsillectomy in Otitis media with effusion among children. Journal of the Royal Medical Services, Jordan , May 1998.
  6. Surgical treatment of 100 cases of meddle ear effusion Iraqi Medical Journal, June 1998.
  7. Chronic Persisting cough in Pediatric Age group - Review of 38 patients referred to ENT dep. Journal of Bahrain Medical Society, May 1999.
  8. Vasoconstrictors against saline infiltration in nasal septal surgery. Iraqi Medical Jornal,Sept 1997.
  9. Conservative Versus Radical Surgical Treatment of Snoring. Journal of the Royal Medical Services , Jordan ,Octob,2000.
  10. Mucoepidermoid Carcinoma of Larynx. Case Report Journal of the Royal Medical Services , Jordan ,July, 2001.
  11. Nasal Endoscopy Versus Conventional Rhinoscopy in office diagnosis of sinonasal and nasopharyngeal disease. Journal of the Royal Medical Services , Jordan , Jan, 2003.
  12. Olfactory Neuroblastoma, Case Presentation and review of the literatures  Journal of the royal medical services Jordan ,Aug 2003.
  13. Bus Study of Eustachian Tube Function in Natural Environment Russian International Journal Sept 2003.


Papers Accepted in Scientific days and attended Conferences:
  1. Mucoceles of ethmoid, sphenoid sinuses with visual disturbances. First Scientific day of ENT Dep. Royal Medical Services. April 1994.
  2. The importance of Hearing Assessment in children Al-Zaitoona University conference for deaf children, Jordan, March 1997.
  3. The effect of Cleft Lip and Palate in Language Development. Al-Zaitoona University Conference, March 1997.
  4. Is Antibiotics are useful in reducing the incidence of post Tonsillectomy bleeding. Third Arab Conference Yamen, July 1997.
  5. Clinical efficacy of antimicrobial drugs of acute Otitis media. Randomized comparative Study of Amoxycillin versus other extended spectrum Antimicrobials. Third Scientific day of Pediatric Dep. Jordanian Royal Medical services, Nov. 1997.
  6. Treatment of Chronic Ear Discharge by Chemical Agent. First Conference of Head and Neck Surgery , Jordan , April 1998.
  7. Incidence of Conductive Hearing Loss in a sample of Jordanian cleft palate patients and its relation with phonological development and Articulation behavior. Third International Audiology and Otology Symposium, Jordanian Royal Medical Services, May 1998.
  8. A survey for Noise Induced Hearing Loss on 1780 subject in the Jordanian Army. Third International Audiology and Otology Symposium, Jordanian Royal Medical Services, May 1998.
  9. Easy Approach for Antrochoanal polyp removal. Saudi ENT Conference, May 1998.
  10. Canado-Jordanian International Conference. Hearing Loss in Jordanian Children, Amman , May-1998.
  11. The first Greek-Jordanian Medical international conference. The use of vasoconstrictive nasal septal surgery,Amman.May-2000.
  12. The German-Arab-Jordanian Medical conference. Cough in pediatric age group, Amman ,Sept,1998.
  13. Referred toothache of sinuses origin Dental international conference, Amman , 2000.
  14. Adenocarcinoma of maxillary sinuses. 2nd Jordanian ENT International conference. Amman, Oct, 2000.
  15. Epistaxis management in accident and emergency department. 2nd Spanish-Jordanian Medical conference, Amman , Oct, 2000.
  16. Nasal endoscopy in diagnosis of sinonasal disease. Russian International  ENT Conference Sant Petrosbergh , Russia ,June,2002.
  17. South African International ENT Head and Neck Surgery Conference Sept 2002, Cape Town , South Africa
  18. IFOS: Oct 2002, Cairo , Egypt
  19. Greece International Medical Military conference . Thessalonici Nov 2002.Greece20-Sept 2003 The American Academy Conference, Orlando-   Florida , USA
  20. Sept 2003 2nd Greece-Jordanian Medical Conference, The paper –Our approuch in early diagnosis and management of  laryngeal cancer,  Amman- Jordan 
  21. Sept 2003 :3rd Jordanian International ENT Head and Neck Conference , Amman- Jordan .

  22. Olfactory neuroblastoma and review of the literatures.

  23. Oct 2003 ,The Second International Military Medical Conference   Amman- Jordan . How the Jordanian Otolaryngologists treat otosclerosis






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