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Dr.Ali Mohd Ibrahim Abuseini

 MB, BS in Medicine and Surgery


Date of birth:  5th /December/1960

The National Number: 9601007159

Marital status : Married


Address:  P.O.Box: 141979-bayader wadi essir

                         Amman 11814, Amman-Jordan.


Telephone No: 00962 6 5056126

Mobile No      : 0777906265, 0799018168


Fax: 00962 6 5159821


E-mail: dralifrcs@hotmail.com






Nationality: Jordanian


GMC Registration: Full Registration Number. 5181181 withholded at the meantime could be resumed at any time.

Jordan Medical Association (JMA): Registration Number: 5963(lifetime)

Medical Qualification


1978-1984:   MB, BS in Medicine and Surgery

                               Faculty of Medicine

                          University of Jordan


1986-1990:   Jordanian Board of Medical Council (JBMC)

                       In General Surgery


Jan 1993: The Basic and Medical Science Components

                       (FMGMS) USA.


June 1997:  FRCS (Edinburgh) UK


2011:       Member of American Society of Breast Surgeons (ASBrS)


Appointment to Date

July 2009-present

 Consultant Breast Surgeon at King Hussein Medical Centre(KHMC), with special interest in oncoplastic and reconstructive surgery.

July 2007-present

Consultant Surgeon and the head of the General Surgical Department at Queen Alia Military Hospital, Amman-Jordan.

Queen Alia Hospital is the second largest hospital of the Jordanian army after King Hussein Medical Centre, it is quite busy, almost 300 beds are occupied, it is a referable hospital, the breast cancer patients are referred, where we dealing with early diagnosis of breast cancer, sometime we do immediate breast reconstruction ( skin sparing mastectomy) and oncoplastic surgery, in addition I am dealing with cancer management of other organs like colorectal, heptobiliary, pancreaticodoudenal, and endocrine malignancies, also I have special interest in laparoscopic surgery, queen Alia hospital is a teaching hospital for medical students and residents training.

Aug 2005-July 2007

Consultant Surgeon in General Surgery and head of the Surgical Team at the Princess Rashid Hospital, Irbid-Jordan. The Hospital is quite busy and the surgical department was busy as well, it serving about one million populations at the north

August 2004-Aug 2005

Consultant in General Surgery. King Hussein Medical Center, Amman-Jordan. I am working as a consultant Surgeon in KHMC with interest in Laparoscopic surgery and Surgical Oncology mainly breast surgery, during this time I was appointed as an academic tutor for the medical students.

KHMC is the largest hospital in Jordan containing more than 1000 beds with multidisciplinary teams including all surgical specialties, my interest is in Surgical oncology mainly breast surgery (early detection of breast cancer, needle localization and breast conserving surgery) in addition to that I have interests in thyroid and parathyroid surgery that I did a lot of operations in this field, laparoscopic procedures (laparoscopic Cholecystectomy Ive done about 700 cases, laparoscopic appendecectomy,  laparoscopic treatment of liver cysts, and diagnostic laparoscopy, extra peritoneal approach of laparoscopic hernia repair)  also I have experience in upper GI Surgery and colorectal operations Ive done advanced surgical procedures in hepatobiliary and pancreaticodoudenectomy operation.

KHMC has an ICU with 39 beds with advanced and sophisticated monitoring and equipments



August 2003-July 2004


Visiting registrar in breast surgery at southlanarkshire acute hospital trust, Hairmyers Hospital, Glasgow, Scotland, UK, I worked in a breast unit, I got an experience in diagnostic breast tools, and breast reconstruction (oncoplasty), during this time I attended a course in an advanced management of breast disease at the Royal College of Surgeon of England. South lanarkshire Hospitals Trust contain about 800 beds serving more than a million population in west of Scotland I worked in a breast unit where 4 breast surgeons were working in it I worked as a Registrar (early diagnosis of breast cancer and management in triple assessment team also I shared in Reconstructive management of breast cancer post mastectomy, I got an experience in colorectal cancer management especially Total Meso-Rectal Excision, and upper GI Surgery (Total and Subtotal Gastrectomy)


July 2002-August 2003

Senior specialist in General Surgery. Queen Ali Military Hospital, Amman-Jordan


Queen Alia Military Hospital is the second largest military hospital in Jordan, I worked as a senior specialist in General Surgery, I was able to perform the major surgical procedures in addition to laparoscopic operations. I was responsible on training of house officers and residents in Surgery; also I took responsibility in teaching of the medical students of the University of Jordan.

July 1998-June 2002

Senior Specialist in General Surgery, King Hussein Medical Center (KHMC), Amman-Jordan.


KHMC is the largest teaching hospital in Jordan, it is about one thousand beds with occupancy rate about 80%, it contains all the medical and surgical subspecialties, it is a military hospital serving in addition to the military peoples and their families all the referred cases from other hospitals in our country and referred cases from nearby countries. Also, it is a teaching hospital where the medical students in the University of Jordan are getting their clinical training; KHMC is recognized for training in multi-international medical councils like British General Medical Council (GMC)

Pan-Arab Medical Council in addition to Jordanian Medical Council.

Although KHMC is trying to be updated in the medical and surgical subspecialties still lacking in certain branches like Surgical Oncology, hepato-biliary and advance laparoscopic Surgery.

I am working as a senior specialist in a General Surgery unite with three consultants and tow specialists, I have tow days running clinics and three days operating theater, our surgical unite is quite busy with rapid turnover.

I got a wide range of experience in major surgical procedures, like colonic and breast surgery, I can perform colectomy breast and thyroid surgery alone without supervision from a senior, I have a reasonable experience in endoscopic surgery like laparoscopic cholecystectomy, and laparoscopic appendectomy and high ligation varicocele by laparoscope. I assisted in liver resection and biliary reconstruction operations and pancreaticodoudenectomies.

I shared in teaching of the medical students.


Feb 1997-June 1998


SHO3) in General Surgery, Hairmyres and stonehouse Hospital, Glasgow, UK.

I worked with Mr. Richard and D Knight , consultants in General Surgery, I had gained a wide range of experience in dealing with surgical emergencies and elective cases and performing surgical procedures as hernia repairs, varicose veins operations, laparotomies, and laparoscopic cholecystectomy, I gained a reasonable experience in upper and lower gastrointestinal endoscopies. I was disclosed to the British system in medical managements.

August 1996 Feb 1997

Senior House Officer in Orthopedic and accident and emergency, Hairmyres Hospital 





July 1995-July 1996

Research fellow in General surgery, Glasgow Royal Infirmary Hospital, Glasgow, UK.

I got a chance to assist in major departmental procedures, colectomies

Mastectomy and axillary dissection, I had ample opportunities to perform minor procedures and intravenous lines insertion, I regularly attended departmental educational meetings. I participated in teaching of the medical students on a weekly basis.

August 1993-June 1995

Specialist in General Surgery, Princess Alia Hospital, Amman-Jordan


This is a 200-bed hospital, staffed by four FRCS Consultants. I worked on 1: 4 on call rota. I was ale to perform major operation under supervision as well as minor surgical procedure. I assisted in endoscopic technique and I was able to perform laparoscopic cholecystectomy.


April 1992- May 1993

Assistant specialist in General Surgery, Princess Haya Hospital, Aqaba-Jordan.


This is 100-bed district General Hospital, with 20 surgical beds. I was able to deal with Surgical Emergencies as well as elective surgical cases.


July 1990-March 1992

Fellow in Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery, KHMC, Amman-Jordan


I gained a reasonable experience in management of Trauma cases in Accident & Emergency Department and in Orthopaedic Department as well.


July 1989- June 1990

Senior Resident in Neurosurgery, Intensive Care Unite, and Urology. KHMC, Amman-Jordan.


This is a very major referable unite. I worked 1: 4 on call Rota, senior resident to Mr. Adel Shuriedeh FRCS. I assisted in major operation and I was able to do minor procedure such tracheostomy. I performed minor urological procedures, like cystoscopy, scrotal operations; I performed some major operation with assistance by a senior surgeon.


July 1988-June 1989

Senior Resident in General Surgery, Zarka Military Hospital, Jordan


                         This is a 200-bed hospital with 70-Surgical beds. I worked in 1: 3 on call Rota as a senior resident in General Surgery; I was able to perform minor surgical procedures like appendectomy, hernia repair and dealing with acute emergency cases.


                         July 1987-June 1988

                          Rotation Residency program in Paediatric Surgery, Cardiovascular and chest Surgery, KHMC, Amman, Jordan. 

                        I worked with most eminent surgeons, such as Mr. David Hanania FRCS, a cardiothoracic Surgeon. I assisted I major open heart operations. I performed surgical procedures under supervision such as femoral embolectomy.


                         July 1986-June 1987

                         Resident in General Surgery, Irbid Military Hospital, Irbid 

                         This is a district General Hospital with 200-bed, I worked as a junior first year resident, I worked in 1: 3 on call Rota. 

                         June 1985-June 1986

                         General Practitioner at the Field Medical Unit, Jordanian Army Forces 

                         This included running an outpatient clinic in General practice and management of acute emergencies.


                       June 1984- May 1985

                         Rotating internship including Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynecology, General Surgery and Pediatric, KHMC, Amman-Jordan.                       


1. Breast Cancer management at Royal Medical Services Hospital, still more to be done, published at the Royal Medical Services JOURNAL.

2. Laparoscopic management of liver hydatid cystic, published at Arab medical journal for medical subspecialties . Damascus, Syria

3. Outcome analysis of laparoscopic cholecystectomy at the queen Alia Military Hospital. Accepted for publication at Cairo University Journal

  4. Outcome analysis of pancreaticodoudenectomy at King Hussein Medical Center.

                         5. Intussusceptions in adults; three cases report published in Jordan Medical Journal 1998.

                         6. The relationship between sub diaphragmatic gas collection and right shoulder pain in post laparoscopic cholecystectomy published in The Royal Medical Services Journal in Jan 2ooo.

                         7. Accuracy of Ultrasound in diagnosing of acute appendicitis, a prospective study conducted in KHMC, accepted for publication at pan Arab Medical Journal.

                          8. Laparoscopic evacuation liver hydatid cyst our experience at KHMC.


                         Courses Attended

1. An update in Breast Screening course, king collage and Royal Marsden Hospital, Kuwait City, 25-26/October/2009 

2. Breast oncoplatic Surgery course( American Society of Breast Surgery) San Diego, CA, USA .22-26/April-2009.

                         3.Advanced management of breast disease at The Royal College of Surgeon of England between 23rd/Feb-26th/Feb 2004.

                         4.Basic Surgical Course, Royal College of Physician and Surgeon of Glasgow. Jan/1998

                         5.Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy Course, 6th/feb/1992, Amman, Jordan

                         6.FRCS part ІІ Course, Royal College of Surgeon of Edinburgh, Sep/1995.

                         7.Trauma management course, Hairmyres Hospital, Glasgow, UK, 30TH /April/1997.

                       .Career Plans/ Future Training  


 I wish to pursue my career in General Surgery with special interest in SURGICAL ONCOLOGY& LAPAROSCOPIC SURGERY in addition I have special interest in breast surgery mainly in Reconstructive breast surgery (Oncoplasty) .

                          Salary: 5000JD=7200$/month, looking for 14000$/month.



                        Fluent in Arabic, Fluent in English.

                        Other Interests Reading, Theater, Classical and Jazz Music




                       Mr. JR Richard


                       Consultant General Surgeon

                       Hairmyres Hospital

                       Eastkilbride, Glasgow, G75 8RG

                       Scotland, UK

                        Tel. 0044 1355 220292

                               0044 1355584755


                       Dr. Abdelazeez Ziadat


                      Senior Consultant Surgeon

                         King Hussein Medical Center. Amman, Jordan

                          Tel: 00962799018555