Dr .Ali M El-Halabi


Tel:  9626  4654044 (Clinic - Telefax)

962 79 5524704   (Cellular phone)

Fax: 9626 4654044


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Curriculum Vitae

Name                                               Ali M. EL-Halabi

Medical                                           MB,BS   MRCP(Paed)  FRCP(Edin)  FRCPCH



Present                                          Consultant Pediatric Cardiologist

position                                          Private Practice



Date of Birth                                 1960


Sex                                                 Male


Marital Status                              Married with four children


Nationality                                    Jordanian


Address                                         P.O. Box 962250



Telephone Number                     - ++ 9626  4654044 (Clinic - Telefax)

                                                    - ++ 962 79 5524704   (Cellular phone)


Fax Number                               - ++ 9626 4654044


E-mail addresses                         alihalabi@hotmail.com




MB,BS ( June 84)                       Jordan University


FMGEMS Certificate                ECFMG (U.S.A)

(July 85)                       


MRCP (Paed)                            Royal college of

(Oct.89)                                      Physicians & Surgeons of Glasgow

Jordanian Board (Paed)            Jordanian Medical Council


Fellowship in Pediatric            Southampton University Hospital .


(July 94)



Fellowship of the Royal               Royal College of Physicians of

College of Physicians  of             Edinburgh

Edinburgh (FRCP-Edin)

(Dec 2003)


Fellowship of the Royal               Royal College of Pediatrics & Child

College of Pediatrics & Child    Health - London

Health (FRCPCH)

(July 2005)



Jordanian Medical Association                        May 85

 ECFMG - U.S.A.                                              July 85

Jordanian Pediatric Society                           July 90

(Currently  President)

 Jordanian Cardiac Society                             March 95                

American Academy Of Pediatrics                 April 99

Panarab Pediatric & Congenital                   Feb 2002

Heart Disease Association

(Currently President)


 Certificates of honor yearly in the three secondary school years

 Honors in five basic and three clinical subjects during the medical school years

( including Pediatric )



Part Time Assistant Professor of Pediatrics & Pediatric Cardiology- Mu’tah University- Karak -  Jordan

( October 2005 – till now)


Part Time Consultant Pediatric Cardiologist & Teaching staff- Islamic hospital – Amman

(March 2004-till now)


Part Time Consultant Pediatric Cardiologist- American Clinics of Jordan

(March2004-till now)


Consultant Pediatric Cardiologist - Private Practice  , Covering Jordan Hospital , Islamic Hospital, Istiklal hospital & Arab Heart Centre ). I am a clinical teaching staff member in the department of Pediatrics –Jordan Hospital, which is recognized by the Arab Board for training.  

 ( Nov 95 - till now )


Training instructor  for transcatheter closure of cardiac defects by the Amplatzer device in the Middle east & north Africa

(May -2000 –till now)


President of the Jordan Pediatric Society

 (May 2005 – till now )


Vise President of the PanArab Congenital Heart Disease Association

 (Feb 2003 – till now )


Head of The Scientific Committee of Jordan Pediatric Society

 (June 97- till now)


Consultant Pediatric Cardiologist - Islamic Hospital

( Aug 94 - Nov 95 )


Pediatric Cardiology Fellow -Wessex Cardiothoracic Centre-Southampton University Hospital

( July 92 - July 94 )


Assistant Professor of Pediatrics & Consultant Pediatrician & Neonatologist

- Jordan University of Science & Technology

( March 90 - July 92 )



Pediatrician - King Hussein Medical Centre-Jordanian Royal Medical Services

( Nov 89 - Feb. 90 )



Pediatric Registrar-The Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital & Hope Hospital

( Jan 88-Dec 89 )


Pediatric Resident - King Hussein Medical Centre- Jordanian Royal Medical Services

( July 86 - Jan 88 )


Field Physician - Jordanian Royal Medical Services

( July 85 - June 86 )


Rotational Internship-Jordan University Hospital (AMMAN)

( July 84 - May 85 )











Course on Fetal Echocardiography – Guy’s Hospital – London

 ( Feb 95)


Training workshop on Peripheral Pulmonary & Coarctation Stenting – Hospital for sick Children – Glasgow

 (May 97)


Training workshop on Transcatheter ASD & PDA closures – Guy’s Hospital - London

  ( Aug 97)


Pediatric Interventional Cardiology Symposium (PICSIII)-Chicago

  ( Sep 99)


Pediatric Interventional Cardiology Symposium (PICSV)-Toronto

  (May 01)


Pediatric Interventional Cardiology Symposium (PICSVII)-Orlando

  (Sep 2003)

Pediatric Interventional Cardiology Symposium (PICSVIII)-Chicago

  (Sep 2004)




As the only Pediatric Cardiologist in the private sector in Jordan, I had referred patients from around a population of two thousand people, and so I gained lot of experience in clinical, diagnostic & interventional Pediatric Cardiology.

The interventional procedures I performed are almost half of all procedures. Out of these I have done around two hundred seventy Amplatzer ASD closures & a similar number of PDA closures. I have done more than 30 muscular & perimembranousVSD closures. I am a Training Instructor for transcatheter closures using the Amplatzer devices.

I supervised many training workshops on Amplatzer transcatheter closures in Yemen , Iran, Iraq, Sudan ,Syria & Egypt. Further training workshops are being arranged in the same and other countries. 






Outcome of ASD transcatheter closure- 3rd meeting of the PanArab Congenital Heart Association- Egypt

February 2005


Update on transcatheter perimembranous VSD closure- 3rd meeting of the PanArab Congenital Heart Association- Egypt

February 2005


Is device closure becoming the treatment of choice for Secundum Atrial Septal defects-

Al-Basel Cardiac Society- Syria –

(Dec 2004)


Transcatheter closure of ventricular septal defects- experience from an arab country-

Adult Congenital Heart Disease Symposium- Jeddah

(Oct 2004)


Fetal echocardiography in the Arab world-indications,difficulties & implications-

Third international congress of Perinatology- Beirut

(May 2004)


Closing Atrila Septal defects & Patent Foramen Ovale in Adults- Adult Congenital Heart Disease Symposium- Jeddah

(Oct 2003)


Controversy on Transcatheter Secundum Atrial Septal Defect Closure- International Cardiac Intervention conference- Alexandria



Trouble shooting in transcatheter Secundum Atrial Septal Defect closure-

First Panarab Pediatric & Congenital Heart Disease Association  (PAPCHDA)


(Feb 2003)


Transcatheter closure for cardiac defects- From where to where – Syrian Pediatric Society Conference

(Dec 2002)


Short & medium term follow up for 150 patients who had Secundum Atrial Septal transcatheter closure- Jordan Cardiac Society conference

(October 2002)



Do we still need the cardiovascular surgeon?- Tenth conference of the Arab Union of Pediatric Societies

(Oct 2002)


Rheumatic Fever in Jordan- First Panarab Meeting on Rheumatic Fever- Alexandria

 ( Nov 2000)


Experience on Balloon Pulmonary Valvuloplasty – Jordan National Pediatric Conference

 ( Oct 2000)


Cases of Kawasaki Syndrome in the private sector ( 48 cases)- Jordan Cardiac Society Conference

 ( April 2000)


Pediatric patients needing Cardiac Catheterization – Jordan National Pediatric Conference

 ( April 99)


Analysis of the echocardiographic diagnosis of Pediatric Cardiac Patients- Jordan Pediatric Society conference

 ( April 97)



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