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Banska Bystrica


                                    Mobile :    00421915444295

                                    Email:    abushareia@gmail.com                        

Date of Birth                                     27th August 1974                                                           Nationality                                        Slovakian / EU

Marital Status                                    Married






I am University graduate who has found great interest in Dentistry and Dentoalveolar Surgery. As part of my strategic personal development, I have successfully completed my Stomaology Degree at Pavol Jozef Safarik University ( Slovak Republic ) as Medical University Doctor.

Furthermore, I have nine years work experience in the Dentist industry as General Practitioner in the main as well as Dentoalveolar Surgery and training for the Maxillofacial Surgery.

Capable of working well in a team working environment and under pressure. As an individual,

I am Keen, enthusiastic, trustworthy, self-reliant, self-motivated, ambitious, disciplined, energetic, proactive team member, and gives 100 per cent commitment to every task. Therefore, I would welcome the opportunity to progress further with my chosen career path as a Dental practitioner and Oral Surgeon. Attending local and International Congresses and Courses. 



I enjoy Listening to Music, Playing Football, Snooker, Reading , Travelling, Having good knowledge in different languages as English / Czech / Slovak and Arabic, I hold a full clean International driving license from (U A E, Slovak Republic and UK )



Dental Exact Provisional Program as well as Kodak R4. MS Word, MS Excel, Power Point and Internet, I have also good knowledge in computer operations (Hardware & Software).


·          Member of British Dental Association.(BDA)

·          Member of Slovakian Dental Chamber. (SKZL)

·          Member of Palestinian Dental Association. (PDA)

·          Member of Slovakian Medical Association.(SLS)

·          A Fellow of International Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.(IAOMS)

·          A Fellow of European Association for Cranio-Maxillo-facial Surgery.(EEACMFS)

·          A Fellow of Slovakian Oro-Maxillofacial Surgery.(SAOMFS)





Jan2010-Sep 2010                 Full time Dentist&Oral Surgeon with ADP Ltd.Co.


August 2009                           Obtained Certificate of Registration with Health Inspectorate Wales No. 28082009049


June 2009-Until Now            Full time Dentist&Oral Surgeon with Huw Ginn&Assocites UK


June 2008-June 2009            Full time Dentist&Oral Surgeon with James Hull&Assocites UK


June 2008                               Obtained NHS Welish Performance No.899305.


May 2008                               Obtained Welish Dental Vocational Training No.:W/08/03/368


April 2008                              Obtained Full Registration with the General Dental Council in UK . Reg. No. : 142957.


Jan 2008-June 2008              Training in specialist of Maxillofacial Surgery at Stomatology and Maxillofacial Surgery Dep. At Medical Faculty and Hospital of Bratislava & Kosice / Slovakia .


January 2008                         Obtained the License of Dentistry and Dent alveolar Surgery Practicing with Slovakian  Dental Chamber, Bratislava,                                                             Registration No.: 3605/2007 and 3738/2008.


December 2007                      Successfully completed the specialization exam in Dentoalveolar Surgery with SZU, Bratislava , Slovakia .


April 2007-Dec 2007             9 month’s Full time rotation at Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Dep.At Martin Medical Faculty Hospital


Feb 2007-March 2007           2 month’s full time rotation at Neurosurgery Dep.  At Banska Bystrica Medical Faculty Hospital


Dec 2006-Jan 2007               2 month’s full time rotation at E.N.T.Surgery Dep. At Banska Bystrica Medical Faculty Hospital


November 2006                     1 month’s full time rotation at the Oncology Dep. At Banska Bystrica Medical Faculty Hospital



Aug 2006-Oct 2006                3 month’s full time rotation at Trauma Centre Dep. At Banska Bystrica Medical Faculty Hospital



May 2006- Jul 2006               3 month’s full time rotation at Plastic surgery Dep. At Banska Bystrica Medical Faculty Hospital


April 2006                              1 month’s full time rotation at Anaesthesia and Intensive care Dep. At Banska Bystrica Medical Faculty Hospital


Dec 2005-March 2006           4 month’s full time rotation at the General Surgery Dep. At Banska Bystrica Medical Faculty Hospital


December 2005                      Full time Medical University Doctor (Surgeon) At F.D.Rosveltova Faculty and Clinics of   Medicine& Hospital, at Stomatology&surgery Dep. Banska Bystrica , Slovakia .   


November 2005                     Successfully Completed the Specialization Exam in Stomatology with SZU in Bratislava , Slovakia .


Aug 2005 –Oct 2005              Full time as General Dentist at MUDr.Maria Sarkanyova Dental Clinic.Turciansky Tiplice,Slovakia.


April 2004                              Received Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation Training From University of Manchester . Postgraduate Dep.


Aug 2003 –Jun 2005             Full time Dental Attachment at OAK Mount Dental Surgery in Manchester / UK .                                 


December 2002                      Acquired eligibility for Temporary Registration with the GDC/UK. Ref: No.: R/1/5/SLA 


November 2002                      Successfully completed the IELTS At UMIST/UK.    


Feb 2002 –Jun 2003              Full time Dentist as a general practitioner at Al-Ahly Specialist Medical Centre in UAE (Dental Department).


Aug 2001-Feb 2002               Full time Dentist (as above) at Al-Salama Hospital in UAE (Dental Department).


Mar 2001-Sep 2002               Successfully Completed the Education Course in I T I  Dental Implant System. The Ministry of Health (UAE) and University of Berne School of Dental Medicine ( Switzerland ).


August 2001                           Obtained the License of Dentistry Practicing Palestinian National Authority Ministry of Health ( Gaza Strip) Registration No.:17/2001.


Aug 2000 -July 2001             Successfully completed the compulsory Internship Training Period at Hospitals & Centres of Palestinian Ministry of Health.


Sep 1994-June 2000              Successfully achieved Stomatology at Faculty of Medicine Pavol Jozef Safarik University ( Kosice , Slovakia , in English language) - {MUDr.}.


Sep 1992-June 1994              Accomplished Dentistry of Dental Material, Kempegoda Institute of Medical College in Bangalore/India.


Sep 1989-June 1992              Secondary Education, Abu Dhabi Secondary School in Abu Dhabi - UAE.


Sep 1986-June 1989              Intermediary Education, Zayed the Second School in Abu Dhabi - UAE.


Sep 1981-June 1986              Primary Education, Al-Rashid Elementary School and Al-Kendi elementary School in Abu Dhabi – UAE.




v     Mem.Prof.Ivan Erdelsky, SZU/Slovakia.

v     MUDr. Marian Kysel, PhD/ Slovakia .

v     Prof.MUDr.Peter Kothaj,CSc. F NsP F.D.R. Hospital/Banska Bystrica- Slovakia

v     Dr.Christopher Ibbott, BDS/UK.

v     Assoc.Prof.M.D.Dusan Belus, PhD/ Slovakia .

v     Dr. Lilianna Szymkowska. James Hull&Associates. Canton , Cardiff .













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