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DR Ahmed Khaled Mostafa Mostafa El Badry

Hospital Management

General Surgery

Egypt Medics




  • Hospital Management
  • General Surgery.
  • Egyptian.

Social status
  • Married and has 3 children.
Place & Date of Birth
  • Cairo, 3/9/1956
  • 1 El Hadika St., Garden City, Cairo.
  • 4 Manshaat El Fadel St., Tahrir Square, Cairo.
  • Mobile:        (0100) 1627035
  • Home:         (02) 27946441
  • Clinic:          (02) 27952211        
  • Higher Diploma in Hospital Management.

    May, 1996      [Faculty Of Commerce]   [Cairo University]

  • Master Degree in General Surgery.

    May, 1986      [Faculty Of Medicine]   [Kasr EL Aini, Cairo Univ.]

  • Bachelor Degree in Medicine & Surgery.

     Nov., 1980      [Faculty Of Medicine]  [Kasr EL Aini, Cairo Univ.]

Current Job           
  • Deputy General Manager and medical director , Yassin Hepatology charity center March 2009  till now

  • General Manager :

      (Nov. 2007-March 2008) Wadi Al Natron Hospital for day case surgeries- Specialized medical center Ministry of Health & Population.

  • Deputy General Manager :

      ( March, 2007 Oct. 2007 )     [Al Kahira Al Fatemeya Hospital]   [Al Azhar Opthalmology Specialized Medical Center Previously] Specialized Medical Centers Ministry of Health and Population.

  • General Surgeon :

     ( July, 2006 February, 2007 ) [El Moalemeen Hospital]

  • General Surgeon :

       ( December, 2005 June, 2006 )         [Cape Coast Ghana] According to Ministry of Foreign Affairs Supporting Program of Egyptian Fund for Technical Cooperation in Africa.

  • General Surgeon :

       ( June,1986 November, 2005 )       [El Moalemeen Hospital]  ( which is about 120 beds hospital located at ElGezira

    Cairo containing 4 O.R., 6 Beds I.C.U., Pharmacy, Laboratory

    & Radiology department, Endoscopy, Ultrasonography units, outpatient Clinics including Dental unit supplying medical services to members of teachers syndicate as well as others since 1960 ).


    Responsible for : 3 / week outpatient clinic for general surgery.1st on call for all general surgical emergencies.

    Performing all types of major & minor general surgery operations.

    Supervising inpatient ward policies. Training new staff of nurses and residents.

  • Deputy Hospital Manager :

       ( February, 1998 June, 2002 )        [El Moalemeen Hospital]  [El Gezera, Cairo]

    Responsible for : All hospital manager work in his absence.

    Attending hospital administration council as a member participating in putting hospital strategies & policies for   continuous   development & improving medical service,supervising both administrative and medical sections to maintain optimum conditions for patients relief, observing both outpatient & inpatient departments to solve any problems decreasing patient


    Participating hospital administration in meeting with medical equipment and instrument suppliers negotiating them getting the best price-benefit for hospital conditions.

  • Assistant Hospital Manager :

       ( June,1991 February, 1998 )         [El Moalemeen Hospital]   [El Gezera, Cairo]

    Responsible for : providing and maintaing good medical services for out and inpatients as well as E.R. through keeping applicable rules for all medical and nursing staff. Observing patient journey from hospital admission up to discharge to analyze medical service providers performance in correspondence of patient welfare. Reporting to hospital manager about any defects concerning administrative system of the hospital including stores, material management, human resources , finance even equipments and constructions. Reporting the hospital council for the various needs of hospital department for both medical and non-medical requirements.

  • Military Service Doctor : ( Oct., 1982 Dec., 1983 ) [Military Force Hospital]   [El Maadi ]

    Responsible for : Serving as a Resident of ophthalmology department responsible for outpatient clinic attendant, minor procedures, hospital admission and discharge for all patients. Assistant in operative theatre and postoperative follow up, night duties and emergency room.

  • General Physician : ( March, 1982 Sept., 1982 )          [Ministry of Health] [El Giza, Egypt]

    Responsible for : Providing primary health care for rural area with their vaccination schedule and family planning.

  • General Surgery Resident :

    (April, 1984  - May, 1986 ) [El Moalemeen Hospital] [El Gezera, Cairo]

    Responsible for : E.R. and perform minor surgical procedures, general surgery outpatient clinic attendant. Inpatient ward supervision and daily dressings, watching and discharge note sheets and medical repots for surgical patients. Preparing daily operative list. Assisting professors of surgery in the theatre like :


    Prof. Ahmed Abu Zekry, Pro. Hamed Arnaout in general Surgery, Prof. Ahmed Sameh Hamam, Prof.

    Abd El Kader Kotb in vascular surgery, Prof. Gamal El Din Beheri, Prof. Mohamed Kadry in plastic surgery. Post. Operative follow up and reporting

    case of each patient to responsible surgeon.


  • * House Officer :  

    ( March, 1981 February, 1982 )

    [College of Medicine Kasr El Aini Hospitals]

    [Cairo University]  

    Responsible for : A training year program of two months round : General surgery, General medicine, Gynaecology and Obstetric, Pediatric, Emergency room and Ophthalmology departments.  



















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