Ahmed Ibrahim  Ali Tayeh, Ph.D, PCT

Special Education

00962799383759 (JORDAN)

 E-mail  dr.ahmed@altayeh.com 







Academic Degrees:


Amman Arab University , Jordan , 2006

Ph.D. in Special Education (Developing Kinesthetic Perception)

Amman Arab University , Jordan , 2002

M.Ed in Special Education- Speech defect (Personality Traits of Children with Stuttering)   


Courses and conferences Attended:


Ministry of Education, Jordan

Attended a course in teaching methods


American Academy of Continuing Medical Education, KSA, 2004

1st Middle Eastern Conference on ADHD



Black Belt (rank 3) Kick boxing and full contact form

Second Degree Trainer in Kick Boxing Sports


Professional Experience:


15/10/2007  - Present - Director of Aman Program for Consultation & Training & Director of Aman Scouts Club, Amman, Jordan


2006-15/6/2007- Special Education Department, Al-Qaseem University, KSA

University Professor

Courses: (Behavior Modification, Evaluation of People with Special Needs, Support tools and equipment in Special Needs Education)


15/2/2004-15/6/2006 Al Nour Institute, Public Schools, Riyad,  Saudi Arabia

  • Trainer of the visual disabled
  • Instructor of people with learning difficulties
  • Supervisor of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder cases.


11/10/2004-15/6/2007 Prince Mash’al Bin Mohammad Bin Saud Diwan, KSA

Educational affairs Consultant


1/2/2007- 15/6/2007 Visual Disabled Committee, Buriedah, KSA


1/2/2006-15/2/2007 Saudi Olympic Union, KSA

Consultant- Prepare the Saudi Olympic Disabled Team for the final World Cup


6/2/2001-30/8/2004: Learning difficulties Center, Ministry of Education, KSA Jordan

Recourse Room Teacher


21/1/1995-15/8/1997:  Arab Model Schools, Jordan

Islamic Studies and Arabic Language teacher

AFL Teacher


1/9/1994-15/8/1995: Al Razi Centre for Special Education, Jordan

Special Education Teacher and Supervisor

Other experiences


1/1/1996- 1/5/1997 Suhaib Center For Kick Boxing, Jordan

Kick boxing Trainer

15/1/2001- 15/9/2003 Al-Aqsa Center, Jordan

Kick Boxing Trainer


2006/2007 Courses/Workshops Conducted


  • Autism workshop level 1, Kuwait, Kuwait Medical Commnity
  • Modifying Human Behavior Course
  • Crime Controlling  through Modifying Human Behavior Workshop
  • Learning Difficulties Course, Jaffali Centre, Onaizah City
  • Evaluation and Diagnosis in Special Education, Jaffali Centre, Onaizah City
  • Field Work Mechanism of Special Education Workshop, Jaffali Centre, Onaizah City
  • ADHD Workshop, King Abdulaziz Women Committee, Al Qaseem


Researches/ Studies- Present


  • Study title: Our Senses are More than Five-University of Jordan, 2007
  • A book on Crime Controlling through Modifying Human Behavior
  • A book on controlling of Disability Resulted from Car Accidents
  • Educational Package and Electronic Book for the Trainers and Visual Disabled.




  • Excellent interpersonal skills and confident
  • Strong administrative and organizational skills
  • Proactive and ready to provide solutions and conduct researches in the field of special education
  • Good planner for indoor and out door school activities
  • High ability in conducting cultural and scientific Seminars
  • Ability in lecturing, training , staff professional development
  • Motivate and train learning disabled people
  • Active participant at radio programs
  • High capability in planning for charity bazaars and exhibitions
  • Athletic trainer


Personal Data


D.O.B.            7/12/1971

Place of Birth: Kuwait

Languages: Arabic, English, Russian











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