Dr.Ahmad Ali Khamees

Amman, Jordan

P.O Box: 430026

ZIP Code: 11143

Tel: 0096264747684

Mobile: 00962795550758

Email: ahmad.khamees@yahoo.com


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A conscientious reliable and hardworking medical professional, pays attention to details crusader of clinical governance, with excellent interpersonal and time management skills.


Educational Qualifications:

Medical School/University Attended


Cyril and Metody  University


Qualification (s) Obtained



Diploma of Medicine

From To





10/1978 - 06/1985






Employment History

Name and Address of Employer

Grade and Specialty

From To


Private Clinic


1987 - Present


Al Basheer Hospital


1985 -1986



Skills and Proficiencies:

Able to recognize and give immediate and appropriate treatment in a wide range of Medical and Surgical conditions including:

Myocardial infarction.

Acute coronary syndrome.

Pulmonary embolus and Sickle Cell Crisis.

Deep vein thrombosis.

Acute asthma attack.

Severe exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Diabetic keto-acidosis.

Community and hospital acquired pneumonia.


Poisoning / overdose.

Acute abdomen, post-operative oliguria hypotension and post-op infections.

Urological emergencies such as pyelonephritis, renal colic, haematuria and urinary   retention.

Orthopedic injuries such as fractured neck of femur, ankle injuries, Salter Harris fractures, supracondylar fractures, Montaggae / Galazzae fractures, osteomylitis and septic arthritis.




Professional In:

                     Emergency Treatment.

                     Diabetic Foot.

                     Duodenal Ulcer.

                     Grgarenp the lower limbs.

                     Infertility Treatment.


                     Diabetic controls and complications.


                     Lower limbs amputation.


Main Courses:

                     Ultra Sound.


                     Communication Skills.

                     Asthma Courses with its devices.

                     Determine the sex of a baby.

                     More than 28 Congresses.









Teaching Experience:

Informal teaching of nursing and medical students by the bed side in my clinic.

Management Experience:

Managing my clinic and be responsible for all the cases that face the clinic from 1987 to present.


My hobbies include:




Medieval history and traveling


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AL Wehdat


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 3. Dr. Zuhir Al Qaisi (Surgeon general)

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