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Prepared by:

Econ. Salah Abu-Lughod

Information provided by Mr. Qunaibi


Table of Contents

1) Introduction
2) Name of the company
3) Date of registration
4) Number of shareholders
5) The CIG board of directors
6) The CIG capital
7) The land
8) The designer
9) The Consultancy Hospital
1) The third storey
2) The second storey
3) The first storey
4) The ground floor
5) The first basement
6) The second basement
10) The skeleton works and supervision
11) Other CIG objectives
12) Investment in CIG is guaranteed



Doctors with high qualifications, pharmacists,

businessmen, engineers, highly qualified nurses

and biomedics, gathered during the year 1995 to

form an investment group.

The target of the group was to establish a public

limited shareholding P.L.C. company to develop

and promote investment in various economic

aspects whether medical, industrial, commercial,

agricultural, touristic, real estate, or housing, with a capital

of 8 million J.D. with a par value of 1JD per share.

Name of the Company

The Consulting & Investment Group

Company P. L. C.


Date of Registration

CIG was registered at the Ministry of Trade and Industry

As a public limited shareholding P.L.C. company on 7/11/1995.

CIG was established in accordance with the companies law of

1997, and registered in the registry of companies under the number 299.

Number of CIG Shareholders

The number totaled to 432 shareholders, distributed

professionally as follows: -



Hospital Manager


























The CIG Board of Directors

Dr. Isam Al-Saket
Dr. Mohammad Abu-Lughod
Dr. Ahmad Zeidan
Dr. Ghaleb Zawaideh
Dr. Nabil Hamdan
Dr. Said Al-Fayumi
Eng. Abed Al-Rahim Al-Boqai
Eng. Othman M.Bdeir
Eng. Naji Al-Jundi

The CIG Capital

The CIG authorized capital is 8 million Jordanian Dinars,

represented by 8 million shares with a par value of one

Jordanian Dinar per share.

The cost distribution of the hospital in JD will be as follows:

1) Land = 1.6 Million

2) Civil Works = 2.0 Million

3) Electromechanical = 1.9 Million

4) Medical Equipment = 4.0 Million

5) Finishing = 1.2 Million

6) Commissioning = 0.5 Million

Total 11.2 Million

The Land

The CIG board of directors top priority objective is to

build a state of the art general hospital to serve the

whole region . This objective in fact is the exact

Translation of CIG shareholders wishes and thoughts.

Thus, in 1996 CIG bought an 8260m2 piece of land

located at Wadi Saqra intersection. The land is considered

to be one of best and most convenient locations of

Amman, of which 1734m2 is considered, for future

investment as per patient clinics.

The Designer

CIG assigned a technical committee headed by H. E. Eng. Ra’ef Nijem to appraise 11 (eleven) international consulting the committee firms offers to design a 105-bed general hospital. The committee selected the British consultant Messrs., Llewelyn Davies to design the "Consulting Hospital" in association with Mott MacDonald for the related electro-mechanical works in June 1997 at a lump sum fees, of JD JD375,000. Both companies have a highly appreciated international reputation.

The Consultancy Hospital

The Consultancy Hospital will be a 105-bed general

hospital. It is designed to include two adjacent buildings.

The first will be devoted to include the main hospital

building. The second will be devoted to be the car park

area. The total area of the main hospital building is

equal to 14.815m2 and is composed of four levels. It is

designed to comprise three stories, a ground floor and

two basements.

The Third Storey

The third storey includes the following facilities: -

1) Five operating theaters distributed as follows: -

a) One open heart operating theater.

b) One orthopedic operating theater with laminar flow


c) Three general surgical operating theaters.

2) The cath lab section.

3) The ICU section (intensive care unit).

(4 beds + 2 children beds + 1 isolation room).

4) The renal dialysis section (4 units).

5) The endoscopy and fluoroscopy section.

6) The recovery section (7-beds).

7) The patient hold (3 - beds).

The Second Floor

The second floor has been designed to include the following: -

1) In-patient Rooms: -

The in-patient rooms are distributed as follows: -

a) Twenty rooms (single bed) = 20
b) Three rooms (two beds) = 6
c) One room (four beds) = 4
d) Four suites = 4
e) Two royal suites = 2


= 36 beds

2) CCU (coronary care unit). The CCU includes 10 beds.

3) Pulmonary function section.

4) I. V.F.

  1. Four delivery rooms
  2. The First Floor

    The first floor includes the following: -

    1) In-patient rooms

    The in-patient rooms are distributed as follows: -


    Eighteen rooms (one bed)


    18 beds


    Three rooms (two beds)


    6 beds


    One room (four beds)


    4 beds


    Four suites




    Two royal suites


    Total 34 beds

    The Ground Floor

    The ground floor has been designed to include the following: -

    1) The reception.

    2) The pharmacy.

    3) The administration department.

    4) The radiology section.

    5) The diagnostic laboratory.

  3. The chemotherapy clinic.
  4. The emergency (4 beds).

The Basement Level I

This storey has the following facilities: -

1) Educational and conference hall.

2) The kitchen and its dining area.

3) The laundry.

4) The CSSD (central sterilizing supplies department).

5) The central supply stores (C.S.S).

6) The plant and workshop section.

7) The mortuary.

The Basement Level II

This level has been designed to include the following:-

1) Rehabilitation center.

2) Swimming pool for rehabilitation.

3) Three water tanks.

4) Future expansion area.

Finally, the car park area will be enough to park 150-

160 cars. It consists the following levels:-

1) The third basement level = 1309 sqm
2) The second basement level = 1309 sqm
3) The first basement level = 1292 sqm
4) The mezzanine level = 1156 sqm
The grand total car park area = 5066 sqm

The Skeleton works and Supervision

His excellency eng. Raef Nijem, the technical advisor

of CIG Company recommended Messrs, Ali Krayem

establishment out of 15 bidding contractors to execute

the skeleton works of the Consulting Hospital.

The skeleton works agreement was signed on 23/9/1998

whereby the actual works started in March 7, 1999 .

The duration of the contract is 12 months but it was

extended for another 1.5 months due to variation

orders. It is worth mentioning in this respect, that

some 73% of the Skeleton works has been executed

till 30/12/1999. The contractor works are in accordance

with the time table of the contract.

The CIG assigned s. b. a. (Shubailat Badran Associates)

to supervise the skeleton works. The supervision

agreement was signed on 3/3/1999.

The CIG is in the process of soliciting or inviting local

as well as international contractors for the electro-

mechanical works of the Consulting Hospital.

Your Investment is guaranteed: -

1- Man-power

1- Man-power

A- 213 doctors (to guarantee high occupancy rate).

B- 432 shareholders = 432 families

2- Prime location at Wadi Saqra intersection.

3- Prize - winning design (by Llewelyn Davies).

4. Balanced board of directors (doctors, engineers & businessmen).

5- Cautious financial administration.

6- Special features.

- 160 parking spaces.

- Valet parking for doctors.

- Electronic library & research facilities.

- Nursery for the nursing staff babies.

- Special orthopedic theater with laminar flow system.

- Full fledged rehabilitation center.

- Association with international medical centers

Other CIG Objectives

As mentioned before, according to the registry of companies number 299, the CIG objectives is to develop and promote investment in various economic aspects. These aspects include medical, industrial, commercial, agricultural, touristic, real estate or housing. The CIG first and top priority investment was the Consulting Hospital.

Nevertheless, the CIG is studying and considering to be involved in several satellite clinics in Palestine. That will either consult the Consultancy Hospital through satellites; or refer the complicated cases to be treated by our specialized doctors at the most highly equipped hospital in the region.

The previously mentioned commercial piece of land adjacent to the site of the Consulting Hospital will be devoted to promote another successful investment to build a small commercial center with a number of out patient clinics.

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