Dr. Mohammed E. S. Zakaria

  Consultant Radiation Oncologist
Early Detection of Cancer
Thyroid Treatment by Radioactive Iodine
Fellow of the Royal College of Radiologists-London
Examiner for The Jordanian Board - in Radiation Oncology

استشاري اول الأورام والأشعة العلاجية

والكشف المبكر عن الأورام

وعلاج الغدة الدرقية باليود المشع

زميل الكلية الملكية البريطانية – لندن

زميل الكلية الملكية البريطانية – لندن



العيادة 0096264622257

مركز الشطل الطبي رقم 69

عمان – جبل عمان- الدوار الثالث

الجوال- 00962796831555



P. O. Box 868, Marj El-Hamam

Amman 11732, JORDAN

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رئيس اختصاص الأشعة العلاجيه في مدينة الحسين الطبية / سابقا

خريج الكلية الملكيه للشعاعيين- لندن

تدريب في اعلى واحدث مراكز المعالجة بالأشعة في لندن : بدوائر معالجة الأورام السرطانية بالأشعة لدى مستشفيات الرويال مارزدن , والميدل سيكس ,والهمر سميث و ماونت فيرنون في لندن. الكشف المبكر عن سرطان الثدي لمدة سنتين في بريطانيا (لندن) وخبرة بهذا المجال مدة 27 عام خريج الكلية الملكيه للشعاعيين- لندن تدريب في اعلى واحدث مراكز المعالجة بالأشعة في لندن : بدوائر معالجة الأورام السرطانية بالأشعة لدى مستشفيات الرويال مارزدن ,الميدل سيكس ,والهمر سميث و ماونت فيرنون في لندن. الكشف المبكر عن سرطان الثدي لمدة سنتين في بريطانيا (لندن) وخبرة بهذا المجال مدة 27 عام

متفرغ للعمل في عيادة الكشف المبكر وعلاج اورام الغده الدرقيه والمعالجة بالاشعة والعلاج بالأشعة في احدث مراكز العلاج بالأشعة ممتحن لشهادة البورد الارني لدى المجلس الطبي الاردن رئيس اختصاص الأشعة العلاجيه في مدينة الحسين الطبية / سابقا خبرة 27 عام في حقل المعالجه بالأشعة في بريطانيا و الأردن ومتابعة كل ما هو جديد في علم الأورام السرطانية بكفائة عالية جدا واحسن النتائج بما فيها الشفاء التام في الحلات المبكرة وعلى احدث الأجهزة على مستوى المنطقة في احدث مركز للأشعة العلاجية في المنطقة بعون الله نستقبل مرضاكم ونرعاهم




Amman - JORDAN

Cell: +962 79 683 1555



  • To acquire a position of consultant Radiation/ clinical Oncologist and early detection of cancer.
  • To treat cancer patients by radiotherapy and chemotherapy at the Clinical Oncology Department (Radiotherapy Department).
  • Teaching and mentoring radiotherapy residents with the followings: Radiation physics, Radiobiology, the art of radiotherapy planning and treatment.

Key skills

  • Accepts advice and constructive criticism
  • Team player with strong and leading personality.
  • Excellent medical skills 24  years of experience in Radiotherapy and oncology (Clinical oncologist)
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent teaching skills for residents and newly qualified doctors.
  • Self motivated
  • Good organizational and multi tasking skills



  • Jordanian Board in Radiotherapy   1986
  • DMRT, Clinical Oncology (Radiotherapy), Royal College of Radiologists-

           London                                                                                                                           1984

  • Member of the Royal College of Radiologists – London  1984 
  • specialist in Radio diagnosis(KHMC)  1982    
  • MD (Aristotelian university of Thessaloniki – Greece)   1976


  • More than 24 years of experience in diagnosing and radiating cancer patients
  • Consultant - Radiation Oncologist                                                                              1995 - present
  • Examiner at the Higher Jordanian Medical council for clinical oncology  1991 - 2002
  • Head of Armed Forces Medical Insurance Department  1992 - 1996
  • Chief of Radiotherapy specialty at King Hussein Medical Center         1986 - 1997
  • Head of Radiology department at Queen Alia Military Hospital  1980 - 1982
  • Full time Registrar at The Middlesex Hospital - London                   1984 - 1985

Training in England, Scientific activities                                                         1982 - 1985    

Attended a three year course organized by the Royal college of radiologists – London – that included:

  • Full-time courses on oncology
  • radiation physics
  • Radiation safety
  • Radiobiology
  • Medical Statistics
  • Pathology of malignant diseases
  • Radiotherapy treatment planning
  • The art of Radiation therapy

Training in Radiotherapy and Oncology that included Radiotherapy treatment planning and care of patients during their radiation courses under the supervision of various consultants.


Treated cancer patients (unsupervised) at:

  • The Middlesex Hospital, Mortimer St. - London
  • The Royal Marsden Hospital, Fulham St. - London
  • Mount Vernon hospital - London

Training in Jordan                                                                                               

  • Residency program at King Hussein Medical Center at the Radio diagnostic department as full timer  1978-1982
  • Granted a certificate of specialty in Radio diagnosis from The Jordanian Medical Association
  • Granted a Three year scholarship in England for Radiotherapy and Oncology in September 1982



King Fahd Specialist Hospital, Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia                   Sep 2002 – May 2006

  • Chief of Radiology department and the Nuclear medicine department

al Hussein Cancer Foundation                                                                                     Feb 1997 – Sep 2002

  • Irradiating patients seen at my private clinic using the King Hussein Cancer Center equipment

   For 5 years

Royal Medical Services at King Hussien Medical Center & Al Bashir Hospital     Jan 1977 - Jan 1997

  • Head of the Health Service Division at the Directorate of the Royal Medical services
  • Practicing clinical oncology and radiotherapy at both KHMC & Bashir hospital on a three days per week basis at each hospital.
  • Active member of the board for the Protection from Ionizing Radiation in Jordan


  • Organized a comprehensive training program for candidates to meet the requirements of the Jordanian Board Exam that included lectures and tutorials.
  • Presented lectures and tutorials in Radiation Physics and Radiobiology.
  • Examiner in Radiotherapy & Oncology for the Jordanian medical council (Jordanian Board).
  • Wrote a book titled “atlas of oncology first edition 2002”

      “atlas of oncology first edition 2002” includes:

    - Current diagnostic and therapeutic techniques covering a wide range of ontological problems and their management, on a CD.

    A huge archive collection of patient pictures taken before and after Radiotherapy, all cases included in the book were collected of my own patients during an 18-year span.



    1. None AIDS related Kaposi’s sarcoma Study of 8 cases. (Presented at the Royal College of Radiologists Annual Meeting (R C R 94) Norwich England:  published in the Jordan Medical Journal (JMJ)
    2. A 15 year epidemiological review of 11190 cancer cases 1980 -1995

   This was presented at Middlesex Hospital Meeting London 1994

    1. Topographic distribution of Metastatic carcinoma in Cervical Lymph nodes: published in (Jordan Medical Journal) JMJ.
    2. Delay in presentation of cancer patient in Jordan, Presented at:
  • the Middlesex Hospital Meeting London.
  • 1994 published in the Journal Of Bahrain Medical Society
    1. Extra Medullary Plasmacytoma: A rare Tonsillar Tumour treated by Radiotherapy

   (Case report).

    1. Ablation of Thyroid cancer remnants by Radioactive Iodine Fractional Versus Single large doses: Final results presented in the National Arab-American Medical Association.
    2. Very popular and comprehensive web site www.cancershifa.com about al topics, causes, treatment of cancer, and a huge data about early detection for breast cancer, and comprehensive information on other types of cancer.


  1. Radiation used in the treatment of Cancer
  2. Complications of radiotherapy
  3. Peri Orbital tumors – study of 45 cases
  4. Delay in presentation of cancer patients in Jordan presented at the Middlesex Hospital Meeting – London - 1994, and the first Oncology Conference in Jordan 1994 (A Review of 1323 cancer cases) 
  5. Epidemiology of cancer in Jordan: part one presented at the First Jordanian – German Conference (Amman – Jordan 19/9/1993)
  6. Epidemiology of cancer in Jordan: part Two presented at
    1. At The Eighth Jordanian Medical Conference
    2. At The Middlesex Hospital Meeting – London in 1994
  7. Radiotherapy in the management of Breast cancer.
  8. Oral and Para Oral tumours in Jordan study of 95 cases (presented  in the 4th Dental Conference)
  9. Principles of radiation therapy: including radiation therapy Techniques for most organs of the        body: on separate occasions for each subject as lectures for all Doctors at KHMC.
  10. Teaching lectures to the Cadets of the Princes Mona School of Nursing (KHMC) about care of patients undergoing radiation therapy
  11. Radiotherapy treatment planning lectures
  12. Nasopharyngeal carcinoma case presentation: Long term survival


1-Dr. Daoud Hanania


2-Dr.Ishaq Maraqa


3-Dr. (professor) Ibrahim Sbeh


4-Dr.Fathi Adas

07955 35407

5- Dr. Hussein Al Abbadi


6-Dr. Yousef Gousous






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