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1-The first consultant and specialist in pediatrics and new born and premature (King Hussein medical centre previously).

2-The head of scientific committee of children specialist (King Hussein medical centre previously).

3-Scientific studies sophisticated in Internal sciences and skin (Dermatology) and the first part in MRCP (UK) (London University).

4-Specialist in Inflammatory and allergic diseases, vaccines Science, rheumatic and nerves diseases (London University)

5-Clinical master in medicine college (Jordan University)

6-High courses in different pediatrics sciences (California University)

7-Member of national committee for vaccines and ectomize poliomyelitis.

8-Information spokesman of previous pediatrics society previously

9-Patriarch and the first editor of new pediatrics magazine in English Language.

10-Diffusive several researches and investigator in several medical matters in international conferences. ((such as ))

-Meningitis in Jordan.

-Malta fever (Brucellosis) and the way of treatment and prevention from it.

-Children and blood diseases and the method for early diagnostic.

-Children’s nocturnal enuresis and enuresis.

-Heart attack and prevalence in Jordan.

-Allergic rhintis and its relation with chest allergy and heart attack.

-Upper respiratory tract infections and middle ear and the way of prevention upon children.

-Diarrhea and the way of treatment and prevention.

-The effect of vaccines and the factors that affected them.

-Diabetic disease and the prevalence in Jordan.

-New programmers for vaccines and the way of dealing with it.

-Children’s growth delay.

-Urinary tract infection and its relation with nocturnal enuresis.

-Urititis and the way of treatment.

-Aids disease and its effect in Jordan.


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