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 Abd Al-Hadi Ibrahim Ahmad Hasan

Date of birth: 17/10/1984.

 Nationality: Jordanian.

 Marital Status: Married.


 Phone Number: 0785278005.


Personal information's:


Master degree in acute critical care nursing from nursing school in the Jordan university of science and technology ( governmental) , very good dragging ( 81,5%).2007-2009.

Bachelor degree in the nursing from faculty of nursing , from Jordan university of science and technology (government). Very good grading (79.5%).2002-2006.


The General Secondary Education Certification(GSE) , scientific stream
Mark  88.8 , date Of Certification , June,1, 2002


Training practices:


Electrocardiograms analysis and interpretation  advance - 2006

Advance life support , Chemotherapy administration - 2007


Leadership management , wound management-2007


critical care nursing  , research course training-2008






company: the specialty hospital, Amman, which is one of the leading hospital in the Jordan with bed strength of 220.(ISO9002,King Abd Allah Ward  and other international certifications).

Jordan university of science and technology 2008-2009 as teacher assistant.


 Position: staff nurse

Area: CCU&ICU, 20 bedded with 15 available ventilators
CCU: 12 beds, ICU: 8 beds
Nurse Patient Ratio: 1:1 up to 1:3(according to case)
Duration: 1 July, 2007 –still in

Case handled


 Myocardial infarction.

 Angina &Unstable angina.
 Pulmonary embolism &DVT.
 Heart Failure.

 Post Open Heart Surgeries.
 vallvoplasty, Angioplasty Valve Replacement (MVR, AVR).

 Post PTCA &stent.
 Post CPR cases.

 Heart Block with pacemaker.

 Primary staff nurse provider for different CCU cases

Post Craniotomy.
Multiple Fracture.
Post partum complication.
Post operative complication.
Respiratory failure.

Terminal Oncology Cases.
Hematology Disorder.
Post kidney transplantation.
Peritoneal Dialysis cases.
Different cases of schlock’s( anaphylactic, septic, hypovolomic,….etc).
Burn, suicidal attempt


My duties include:
Checking for intubations kit ,emergency trolley and inventory, receiving and giving over from the outgoing and incoming shifts, Writing nursing care plan for patient, Cheking and document Vital signs, Attending doctor round, Calculating the Fluids intake and output, IV caring, Assisting in the procedure like central IV insertion, TPN administration, Admission and discharge, Effective member in CPR team, dealing with many ICU equipments, Assistant in CVC insertion, intubation and extubation, foly catheterization, suction, NG feeding and lavage, Dressing,…ets.

Equipment Used

 Ventilators: Bent, Newport , Pirtan bent, bear 1000.  Monitor: Datex  Omeda.
  Infusion pumps; Abbot, Grasbey 3100.
  I Vac: Abbott.

  Kangaroo feeding pump.
  Bear hugger (Heating system).
  Continuous ECG monitor system (holter monitor).


Professional Registration and Licenses:


 Ministry Of Health Jordan (MOH)

 Jordan nurses and midwifes council
 Training in king Abdullah hospital in intensive care unit and intermediate   care unit , cardiac catheterization.



Arabic   :    Native language

English  :   Writing, Reading and Speaking   :    very good

TOEFL Paper Based-583.


Courses & computer skills:

Very Good skills in Windows, Microsoft office.

 Working on internet

Personal characteristics:

1- Good communication skills with society.
2- Work under pressure.
3- Ability to work with health care team.













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