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شبكة التمريض العربي الالكترونية هي صوت مجتمع التمريض لنشر أخبار الممرضين والممرضات في الوطن العربي وتساعد أيضا الممرضين والممرضات على نشر معلومات عن المؤتمرات والابحاث و الفعاليات المهنية العلمية مما يساعد على المشاركة في تطوير الخبرات بالاضافه إلى نشر الوعي الصحى وتطوير صورة الإعلام الطبي. كما تقوم شبكة التمريض العربي على ترويج كليات التمريض والمهن الطبية المساندة مما يسهل على طلبة الاختصاص التواصل مع كليات التمريض في الوطن العربي . ويسرنا دعوه جميع الممرضين والممرضات الى الانضمام والعمل على المشاركة لنشر الوعي الصحي وتبادل الخبرات كل حسب اختصاصه. 


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Member CV's


Wafa Karadsheh

Head Nurse - Neurology and Nephrology pediatric unit 

Address: Madaba, Jordan  

Phone number- +962 772367728

Email: wafakaradsheh@yahoo.com  



Demographic Data                                                                        

D.O.B: Jan, 20, 1968

Religion: Christian.

Marital Status: Married.

Career History

King Hussein Medical Center                                                Amman – Jordan

Chief - Quality Control                                                             Dec 2013 – Oct 2015



ü  Plans, coordinates, and implements the quality management and quality improvement programs for King’s Hussein Hospital.

ü  Monitors and provides assistance with quality assurance and compliance functions.

ü  Provides consultation and direction to ensure programs and services are implemented at the highest standards and patients receive the highest level of care and safety.

ü  Ensures policies and procedures are monitored and updated to include regulatory changes.

ü   Assessing, Preparing and evaluating hospitals and primary health care centers at Royal Medical Services for Accreditation.


Queen Rania AL-Abdallah Children Hospital                    Amman – Jordan

Head Nurse - Neurology and Nephrology pediatric unit  Nov 2009 – Dec 2010

Nursing supervisor                                                                        Dec     2010-2013


ü  Responsible for up to 60 employee reports as well as all new employees orientation into the pediatrics unit, including:

ü  Monitoring compliance and progress of training, providing feedback and necessary adjustments throughout orientation.

ü  In constant communication with staff, physicians, and upper Management.

ü  Increased patient volumes and patient satisfaction scores, meeting and exceeding hospital goals


  Queen Rania AL-Abdallah Children                                       Amman – Jordan

Deputy Nursing Manager                                                      Dec  2010 – Dec 2013


ü  Responsible for up to 400 employee reports as well as all new employees orientation into the pediatrics units (200 beds), including:

ü  Monitoring compliance and progress of training, providing feedback and necessary adjustments throughout orientation.

ü  Coordinate and facilitate quality improvement projects (national quality goals), (Accreditation), and Excellency rewards and projects of improvement.



King Hussein Medical Center                                               Amman – Jordan

Head Nurse -  Pediatric Medical Ward                                   2004 – 2009


ü  Responsible for all nurses 60 nurses, in pediatric medical word which consists of 53 beds including nursery room of 6 incubators ,Dialysis unit of 4 beds , technicians and the secretary working during my shift.

ü  Communicating with families, patients, physicians, ancillary departments and supervisors.

ü  Continuous evaluation processes and making recommendations to Unit Manager.

ü  Execute and develop policies and procedures for Express Admit Unit

ü  Expedite the transfer of patients (in collaboration with Bed Control, ED, ICU, Nursery, and med-surgical units)

King Hussein Medical Centre,  Amman                                 1990 – 2004

Princes Haya Al-Hussein Hospital, Aqaba                             1989 – 1990


REGISTERED NURSE - Pediatric Medical and surgical Ward.                



ü  Responsible for providing direct patient care for assigned patients (Children) and assisting in care of other patients as needed.

ü  Performing all technical aspects of peritoneal dialysis procedures.

ü  Administering medications as ordered.

ü  Assessing patients’ responses to dialysis therapy and discussing adjustments needed with physician. Assessing patient pre and post dialysis and documenting the findings

ü  Assessing the patients’ educational needs, educating the patient and family regarding end stage renal disease, dialysis therapy, diet and medications, neurological diseases, hematology oncology, endocrinology , respiratory , metabolic diseases , immunology ,gastro logy.

ü  Assessing children and their parents to cope with their diseases.


Educational Background:


Middle East University (MEU) -  Jordan,   2009-2012

Masters in management  Business Administration

Thesis: “  Achievement of the Total Quality Management by Using Accreditation

Standards at Queen Rania Al- Abdullah Children Hospital in Jordan”:

 (A Case Study among Staff's and Patient's View )   Jordan, 2012

University of Mu’tah, Princes Muna College of Nursing – Jordan  2005 -2007

BS.c in Science Of Nursing

Princes Muna College of Nursing- Jordan, 1986 – 1989

Diploma of Nursing

Area of Expertise:

  • Nursing the critical ill children – Staff Training and Development  Team Leadership

  • Highly dedicated and results oriented, with accomplished leadership, staff training (optimizing team

  • Potentials through delivery training solutions) and medical skills. Also possessing the ability to implement and develop procedures, meet strict targets within tight fiscal restraints.

  • Strong background in Pediatrics and Management including peritoneal dialysis experience.

  • Course coordinator (Head Nurse Leader ship and management course) for nine months.

  • Teaching Leadership and Management course.

  • Coordinator for workshops for national and safety goals at King Hussein Medical Center since 2011.


·         Ability to establishes and implement standards which assure safe and therapeutically effective nursing care of patients.

·         Ability to develop a nursing service policies, which focus on  patient safety and  high quality nursing care of the patients .

·         Ability to determine a staffing plan which will accomplish the stated objectives and standards of nursing service and promote the maximum utilization of nursing personnel.

·         Ability to supervise and coordinate all patient care on the unit, including communication with physicians and health care provider.

·         Ability to confront and resolve conflicts involving staff, physician, patients, and personnel.

·         Excellent computer application skills  Microsoft Ward, Power Point and Excel.

Courses and Certificates:

·         EFQM Assessor certified,( 2015).

·         HCQP Certified  (Health care quality practitioner),2014

·         HCRM Certified (Health care Risk manager), 2014.

·         HCEL Certified (Health care Executive Leadership and management), 2015.

·         Principles of performance measurement and data collection work shop, HCAC, Jan ,2015.

  • ACLS Certified (American Heart Association) , yearly till 2009

  • BCLS Certified (American Heart Association) , yearly till 2011

  • Pediatric Nursing - (University of Maryland ,USA )  1994 -1995

  • Leadership and Management (University of Maryland ,USA ) 1994 -1995



Available upon request


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