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Maram Mustafa Mahmoud

Zarqa • Jordan


Personal Details

  • Full Name  :  Maram Mustafa Mahmoud Mahmoud.
  • Nationality  :  Jordanian.
  • Date of Birth : 10th June, 1984.
  • Languages   : Arabic, English.
  • Marital Status : Single.

Summary of Qualifications

      • Familiar with all aspects of Occupational Therapy.

      • Hard working, able to multi-task effectively.

      • Outstanding leadership and communication skills.

      • Outstanding ability to learn and work in a team and in multi culture environment.


Seeking Employment in a reputable firm specialized in the field of my studies, to gain experience and to actively participate to utilize and extend all my knowledge and energy to the best interest of my employer, patients and myself



  • Graduated 

Bachelor degree in Occupational Therapy with honor class from The Hashemite University (Jordan –2006).


  • Courses  
  1. Message Course at Hashemite University on 2005.
  1. Communication Skills course.
  2. Vision Rehabilitation
  3. MOHO
  4. Using Computer with Disabled People.
  • Skills:  
  • Interpersonal Communication skills  
  • Computer literate in MS office and internet
  • English/Arabic languages.
  • Team work player
  • Time organization

Experience and training:

   As part of graduation program, we had an intensive and supervised training in leading institutions such as:

  • Al Basheer hospital.
  • Al Fehais hospital for mental health.
  • Al Rasheed hospital for mental health.
  • Al Hussain Society for physical challenged people.
  • The CP foundation.

Where We:

  • Presented a seminar on Aprxia as part of my graduation project.
  • Well versed on performing the following tests:
  • VMI
  • VPIS

I am a volunteer in Hussein Society for physical challenged people since November 2006.


      P O Box 1974

      Zarqa, Zip Code 13110

      Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

      E-mail: maram2020@hotmail.com 


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