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The Emory Clinic
Section of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery
1365 Clifton Road, NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30322
Phone 404/778-3485
Fax 404/778-4346
e-mail :
Jabal Amman. Opposite Algerian Embassy,
Lattouf Building 2nd Floor
Tel/Fax: 962+6-461-2434/461-2414/461-2145
P.O.Box 850738 Amman 11185- H.K.Jordan

BIRTH DATE: September 5, 1952

BIRTHPLACE: Amman, Jordan


NATURALIZATION:    6-23-1989
Hiawassee College, Madisonville, Tennessee- USA
September 1970 - June 1972

University of Tennessee
Knoxville, Tennessee    -USA.
September 1972- December 1972

BS Biology                  
January 1973- June, 1974
Emory University     
Atlanta, Georgia - USA

Graduate Education:
Masters in Science, and Doctor of Philosophy in Anatomy 
Sept. 1974-June 1977            
Emory University
Atlanta, Georgia - USA
Medical Education:    
Doctor of Medicine
Sept 1977- June 1980
Emory University School of Medicine
Atlanta, Georgia - USA
Postgraduate Medical Education:    
Emory University Affiliated Hospitals
Atlanta, Georgia - USA
General Surgery
July 1980 - June 1985

Emory University Affiliated Hospitals
Atlanta, Georgia - USA
Fellowship in Cardio thoracic Surgery
Fellowship in Cardiac Transplantation 
July 1985 - June 1988

Who's Who Amongst American    
Junior Colleges. 1972
Alpha Omega Alpha, 1979

Georgia, # 023473, April 1982

Jordan Board of Surgery
American Board of Surgery # 31846, 1986
American Board of Thoracic Surgery, # 4830 Expires December 31,2009

SOCIETIES (past and current):
Arab American Medical Association 
American College of Chest Physicians
American Medical Association
Georgia Medical Association
Medical Association of Atlanta
Fellow-American College of Surgeons 
International Society of Heart Transplantation
Society of Thoracic Surgeons
American Association of Thoracic Surgeons

Department of Surgery / Cardiothoracic
Emory University School of Medicine
Atlanta, Georgia

Staff Surgeon
Veteran's Association Hospital
Atlanta, Georgia

Clinical Associate Professor of Surgery 
Department of Surgery / Cardiothoracic
Emory University School of Medicine
Atlanta, Georgia

Clinical Associate Professor of Surgery 
Department of Surgery
University of Jordan
School of Medicine
Amman- Jordan

Clinical Assistant Professor of 
The Medical College of Georgia

Amman Surgical Hospital    
Amman, Jordan
Al-Khalidi Medical Center
Amman, Jordan        
Jordan University Hospital        
Amman, Jordan                     

The Speciality Hospital
Amman, Jordan

The Arab Heart Center
Amman, Jordan
Jordan Hospital
Amman, Jordan

Ibn Al-Haytham Hospital
Amman, Jordan
Chief of Cardiac Surgery 
Georgia Baptist Medical Center
Atlanta, Georgia 
Staff surgeon
St. Joseph's Hospital 
Atlanta, Georgia

Staff surgeon
Piedmont Hospital
Atlanta, Georgia

Staff surgeon
Dekalb Medical Center
Decatur, Georgia 

Staff Surgeon
Rockdale Hospital
Conyers, Georgia

Staff Surgeon
Emory University Hospital
Atlanta, Georgia                 
1988-1990, 1993-1994

Staff Surgeon
Crawford Long Hospital
Atlanta, Georgia
1988-1990, 1993-1994            
1- Bradley EL, Hall JR, Lutz J, Hamner L, Lattouf O: Hemodynamic
consequences of severe pancreatitis, Ann Surg 198:130-133, 1983.
2- Lattouf OM, Ricketts RR: Peritoneal dialysis in infants and
children, Am Surg 52:66-69, 1986.
3- Jones EL, Lattouf OM, Lutz JF, King SB: Important anatomical and
physiological considerations in performance of complex mammary -
coronary artery operations, Ann Thorac Surg 43:469 - 477, 1987.
4- Lattouf, OM, Conn JM, Lowman B, Feldman R, Jabr AK: Beneficial
effects of     normothermic retrograde myocardial oxygenated blood
cardioplegia: Southern Medical Association, November 16, 1991(poster
5- Kauffman JN, Walker CCP, Lattouf OM, Letson B, Guyton RA.
Reperfusion     modification with a simplified blood cardioplegia system
compared with oxygenated crystalloid cardioplegia: Jour Extra Corp
Tech: 23:1, PP 26-29, 1991.
6- Wampler RK, Frazier OH, Lansing AM, Smalling, RW, Nicklas JM, et
al: Treatment of cardiogenic shock with the hemopump left ventricular
assist device. Ann Thorac  Surg 52: 506-13, 1991. (Co-investigator)
7- Sgoutas DS, Lattouf OM, Finlayson DC, Clark RV: Paradoxical
response of plasma     lipoprotein (a) in patients undergoing
cardiopulmonary bypass. Atherosclerosis 97: PP     29-36, 1992.
8- Lattouf OM. Surgical myocardial revascularization in patients
with compromised ventricular unction: Journal of Pan Arab Clinical
Medicine: 1:1, PP 7-8, 1994.
9- Lattouf OM, Jabr AK, Spence PA: Pitfalls of warm oxygenated
blood cardioplegia. Book Chapter (in press) May 1994.
10- Hussein M. Atta, MD & Omar M. Lattouf MD, PhD. Atlanta GA.Southern
Medical Association. Scientific Poster Recognition Award. Thoracotomy
versus Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Pleurectomy for Spontaneous
Pneumothorax. Selected for presentation at the 88th Annual Scientific
Assembly Southern Medical Association Orlando, Florida Nov. 3-6 1994

Experience in the Surgical Correction of Combined Congenital Heart
Disease and Tracheo-Esophageal Fistula at Egleston Children's Hospital
in Atlanta, Georgia.

Catastrophic Consequences of Internal Mammary Artery (IMA)
Hypoperfusion- Recognition and Prevention.

Human Cardiac Infiltrating Cells Manifesting Donor Specific
Alloreactivity Bearing the CD3+, CD4-, CD8- Phenotype Cloned From
Biopsies Post Transplantation.

Evaluation of Patients with Pulmonary Hypertension for Orthotopic Heart
Transplantation: Nitroprusside vs. Isorbide Dinitrate.

Evaluation of Patients with Pulmonary Hypertension for Orthotopic Heart
Transplantation: Nitroprusside vs. Nitroglycerin.

Monitoring Orthotopic Heart Transplantation with Transesophageal 2-D
Echocardiography and Color Flow Mapping.

Successful Management of Pulmonary Artery Hypertension (PH) After
Cardiac Transplantation.

Anti-Idiotype likes Reactivity of T Cells Cloned from Human Cardiac
Biopsies Post Transplantation.

Characterization of Human Cardiac Infiltrating Cells Post
Transplantation II. CD4+ Cloned T Cell lines with "Anti-Idiotype" Like Reactivity.

Simplified Systems for Reperfusion Modification.

Distinct Requirements of Cloned T Cell Lines from Human Cardiac
Biopsies with Similar Anti-Idiotype like Reactivity.

Changes in Thyroid Hormones with Uneventful Coronary Artery

Safeguards in warm heart surgery: the perfusionist's perspective.
Submitted 12-1-91 to Cardiothoracic Research & Education Foundation,
San Diego, CA.

Review of the benefits and risks of warm heart surgery: the perfusionist's perspective. Submitted to the Fifth European Congress on Extra-Corporeal Circulation Technology, Arles, France.


Jarvik-7 Artificial Heart Training, Symbion, Inc., Salt Lake City,
Utah, July 30, 1986 - August 1, 1986.

Vanderbilt University: August 30 - September 4, 1987, Special training
course with William Frist, M.D., Chief of Heart and Heart-Lung Transplantation at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Attended  special study sessions with pathologists, cardiologists, pulmonologists, physical therapists, microbiologists and lab personnel.

International Forum on Organ Transplantation at Pittsburgh: September
7 - 11, 1987. Attended conferences and presentations on immunobiology,
infectious disease, therapeutic modalities, etc., pertaining to heart, heart-lung, liver, kidney and other organ transplantation.

Stanford University: September 14 - 18, 1987. Spent one week at Dr. Norman Shumway's transplantation program. Participated with chief resident in rounding, discussing, and following up on heart and heart-lung transplant patients. Participated in study sessions with pathologist in assessing heart biopsies.

Jarvik Principle Investigators Meeting, Minneapolis: September 30 - October 1, 1987. Participated with other investigators in discussions pertaining to indications, contraindications, problems and potential problems with the Jarvik total artificial heart.

International Conference on Heart Assist Devices and Heart Replacement.
The Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation, Minneapolis: October 1 - 3,
1987. Attended sessions on the use of various mechanical assist
devices, indications, contraindications, methods of selecting patients for
transplantation's after devices have been inserted, and effects on other
body systems.


Management Problems In Anesthesia and Life Support in the Cardiac Surgical Patient Course: "Poor Cardiac Function During Emergence from CPB, The Surgeon's Response", March 1990.

Cardiopulmonary Update '89, Amelia Island Plantation: "The Current Status and Timing of Coronary Revascularization", May 1989.

Southeastern Surgical Congress, Poster Presentation entitled "Peritoneal Dialysis in Infants and Children", April 1985.

Southeastern Society of Anatomists, Scientific Presentation entitled "Sympathetic Ophthalmic Hemiplegia - An Animal Model", Fall, 1976.

The Impact of Warm Retrograde Oxygenated Blood Cardioplegia on Cardiovascular Surgical Practice and Patient Outcome: AMSECT Region
IV, Biloxi, Mississippi, September 27-29, 1991.

Myocardial Preservation: normathermic versus cold cardioplegia. Southern Medical Association, November 19, 1991, Atlanta, Georgia.

Medical Communications in the 21st Century: A New Global Outlook. Program Director, International Medical Institute, April 20, 21, 1992, Carter Presidential Center, Atlanta, Georgia.

Thoracic Pain, International Pain Symposium, April 23-26, 1992, Southeastern Pain Control Institute at Georgia Baptist Medical Center, Atlanta, Georgia.

Myocardial Preservation: Current Technology and Future Trends. Program Director, Georgia Baptist Medical Center, October 16-17, 1992, Hotel
Nikko, Atlanta, Georgia

International Symposium: Current Trends in the Management of Coronary Artery Disease. Faculty member, Armed Forces Cardiac Center, April 10-12, 1993, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Medical Aspects of Telemedicine: Creating a Cost Effective Means of Implementing Telemedicine, May 20 -22, 1993, University of Tromso,Norway.

Medical Aspects of Telemedicine: Medical Communications in the Twenty-First Century, May 20 - 22, 1993, University of Tromso, Norway.

Impact of Myocardial Preservation Techniques on Postoperative Care Complications following Cardiothoracic Surgery. 1994 Annual Spring Cardiovascular Nurses Seminar, May 25, 1994.

Surgical Coronary Revascularization in Patients with Compromised Left Ventricular Function. Third International Congress of Cardiology. Lebanon. October 24-27, 1996.

Coronary Revascularization in Patients with Compromised Ventricular Function. The Use of Retrograde Blood Cardioplegia. The First International Medical Congress. Amman. May 14-17, 1996.

Role of Telecommunication in Advancing Healthcare Care Delivery in the Rural Areas. Tunisian Medical Congress. Tunis. October 18-20, 1996.

Intraoperative Coronary Flow Doppler. A Valuable Tool in Critical Moments. The third International Conference of the Jordan Cardiac Society. Amman.April 1996.

Arterial Conduits for Coronary Artery Revascularization; Bilateral Internal Arteries and Gastroepiploic Artery. The third International Conference of the Jordan Cardiac Society. Amman . April1996.

Toward an Arab Telemedicine and Informatics Network. Regional Symposium
on the Arab World and the Information Society. Tunis4-8,1997.

Management Approach for Patients with Left Main Coronary Artery Stenosis. National Arab American Medical Association. Cairo . June 20-25, 1998.

Role of Telemedicine In The Future of Health Care In the Arab World. Conference on Telemedicine for the Arab World, Africa and Europe.Tunisia September 1998.    


International Symposium. Medical communication in the 21 Century: ANew Global Outlook. Program Director, International Medical Institute, April 20,21, 1992. Carter Presidential Center, Atlanta, Georgia.

International Symposium. Myocardial Preservation:
Current Technology and Future Trends. Program Director, Georgia
Baptist Medical Center, October 16-17, 1992 Atlanta Georgia.

Omar M. Lattouf, M.D., Ph.D. and Jag Sheth, Ph.D. hosted a focus group
in July 1993 to explore the feasibility of forming an International Health Care Alliance attended by health care strategists from North America which led to the development of a multinational health care organization, namely the Global Medical Network.  

International Symposium. Global Healthcare: An Emerging Reality.
Program Director, Global Medical Network, September 3-5, 1994, Noga
Hilton, Geneva, Switzerland.

II International Symposium. Myocardial Preservation: Looking Towards
the 21st Century. Program Director, October 7-8, 1994, Hotel Nikko, Chicago, Illinois.

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