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Dr.Samer Al Ghazawi
Consultant in general surgery, hepato-biliary and pancreatic surgery,
liver Transplantation.

Mobile 00962777789490
E.mail: samerghazawi@hotmail.com 


King Hussein Medical City Amman


Academic qualifications:


       1993 Bachelor of medicine and general surgery, (BSc/BA) Jordanian university of Science and Technology JUST


       1994-1999 Five Years Residency program in General

        Surgery ,KHMC, Jordan


       2001 Jordanian Board in General Surgery.

        Jordanian Medical Council .Jordan



       2007- 2009 Two Years Training in UK in

        HPB, and Liver Transplantation .


       2014 Fellowship American Collage Of Surgeon FACS


.First living donor liver transplantation in Jordan

. First cadaveric liver transplantation in Jordan

. First pediatric liver transplantation in Jordan


 Positions of responsibility:


       Jan-1995 Dec-1999 Resident in General Surgery (Residency Program) KHMC


       Jan-2000 Aug-2001 Senior Resident in General Surgery KHMC


       Aug-2001 Aug-2003 Specialist in General Surgery, KHMC


       Aug-2003 Jul-2007 Senior Specialist in General Surgery, KHMC


       Mar-2007 Jul-2007 Clinical Attachment in HPB unit in Hammersmith Hospital, Prof. N Habib , London


       Aug-2007 Dec-2007 Clinical Attachment in HPB and Liver Transplantation unit in UCL Hospital ,Prof. J Lerut ,Belgium


       Dec-2007 Jan-2009 Clinical Fellow in HPB and Liver Transplant unit at  Royal Free Hospital ,Mr. K Rolles , London ,UK


       Jan-2009 current Consultant in general surgery, hepato-biliary and pancreatic surgery at King Hussein Medical Center/Royal Medical Services/Amman,Jordan.


Profisional memberships:

       Member of the Jordanian Medical Association, 1994

       Member of the Jordanian Association of General Surgeons, 2001

       Member of Pan Arab Liver Transplantation Society (PALTS), 2006.

       Member of International association of surgeon gastroenterologist and oncologist (IASGO) at King Hussein medical center/ Royal medical services .

Academic appointments:

       Clinical instructor of medical students in faculty of medicine/Jordanian  university of science and Technology/Jordan 2005

    Clinical instructor of medical students in faculty of medicine/Jordan university/Amman, Jordan 2006


    Clinical instructor of medical students in faculty of medicine/Muta university/Karak, Jordan (2009-2010)


    Examiner and lecturer of the internship candidates


  Jordan Medical Council.




       Feb-2001 Is it necessary to perform Appendicectomy in the middle of the night for children


       Jul-2004 screening mammogram in dealing with abnormal

       mammogram findings


       Aug-2004 final diagnosis by fine-needle aspiration biopsy for definitive operation in breast cancer


       Aug-2004 The Effect of  Anesthetic  Techniques in Pilonidal Sinus Surgery


       Oct-2004 spontaneous burst umbilical hernia due to



       Dec-2004 Fourniers gangrene how serious.


       May-2006 Retrograde Facial Nerve Dissection IN Superficial Parotidectomy Versus Standard Approach


       May-2007 The  Accuracy Of   Fine Needle Aspiration in the Assessment of Thyroid Swellings.


       Aug-2009 colorectal cancer in Jordan.


        Aug 2010 The Prevalence of Diabetic Foot and Its Risk factors among Jordanian Diabetics.


       Jan 2011 The effect of Ilioinguinal nerve block in addition to local infiltration on pain after inguinal hernia repair in the elderly.


       March 2011 Percutaneous tracheostomy using fibroptic bronchoscope


       Jan 2012 The effect of Transversus abdominis block on decreasing pain following laparoscopic cholecystectomy in elderly patients.


       Jan 2012 Morphine Versus Tramadol for postoperative pain control after thoracoscopic surgery.



Oral presentation:


       Aug-2002 IS it Necessary to perform Appendicectomy in the Middle of the night for children ,Jordan


       Oct-2002 Breast Masses In Adolescent Patients

 In Jordan.


       Sep-2003 Mines Injuries In KOSOVO   


       Sep-2003 THE Advantages of local Anesthesia in  inguinal hernia. Jordan


       Sep-2004 AFTER 13 Years From the first laparoscopic cholecystectomy were are we? Jordan


       Oct-2004 Spontaneous burst umbilical hernia due to pregnancy. Jordan


       Apr-2006 Unusual presentation of primary peritonitis as pneumoperitoneum. Jordan


       May-2007 Breasts Masses in Adolescent patient in


       March 2008 Combined kidney and liver in living donor living transplantation. Jordan

       March 2008 Living donor liver transplantation extending donor criteria. Jordan

       April 2010 Living donor liver transplantation, Royal medical services experience. Jordan

       Oct 2010 Surgical management of colorectal liver metastasis. Jordan





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