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Rana A. Shalash

B.Sc. pharmacy

E-mail: Ruuna999@gmail.com

Mobile:     +962779603029


Personal Information


  • Nationality:     Jordanian

  • Place of Birth: Amman

  • Date of Birth: December 4th.1978




  1996- 2001         University of Petra   Amman- Jordan

B.Sc. pharmacy

·           Ranked fourth among my peers


 1982- 1996 Rosary Sisters College Amman- Jordan

Jordanian Educational Secondary Certificate (Tawjihi)


Professional Profile


A hard worker, team player and ambitious pharmacist with more than 17 years of experience. Played an essential role in the establishment and expansion of Pharmacy-1.  An outstanding record in managing large scale pharmacies and achieving beyond target sales through solid knowledge in the different pharmaceutical products, excellent managerial skills and perusing customer satisfaction. Extensive knowledge in inventory control and optimization procedures and processes that resulted in reducing waste among 100+ branches while maintaining the required warehouse stocks. A book and articles author.

Professional experience



Pharmacy-1                                   Till  Jan 2019         


Retail Inventory Control Manager                                         2017-2019


·         Helped in establishing and setting up the department procedures.

·         Make sure healthy stocks in our branches to avoid any loss.

·         Coordinated the work flow between the warehouse, Purchasing Department and the different branches.

·         Monitored sales of expensive items to liquidate them.

·         Pinpointed aged and over stock items in both Rx & current departments and communicate findings to concerned departments and prepared the report for necessary actions.

·         Monitored seasonal items’ stock and sales to ensure product availability.

·         Monitored inter branch transfers and set up plans to decrease them by creating “Zone Leader & Inventory Control Groups.”

·          Found ways and ideas to avoid out of stock situations and made sure that Warehouse Management is adhering to these ideas, this included tracking near expiry items and how to decrease losses.

·         Monitored returns from branches to warehouse to improve efficiency of related order quantities.  

·         Monitored and ensured that monthly orders carried out by Purchasing department are done correctly and according to the rules and regulations

·         Performed periodical consultations with high management and presented reports whenever needed including proposals for corrective actions.

·         Was part of a team that helped improving the ordering system in branches.

·          Was a member in the purchasing focus group whose mission was to enhance the availability of items in the branches and solve any arising problems between the branches, Purchase Department, Warehouse.

·         Participated in launching new items by being member in the Purchase Committee.

·         Participated in choosing the “item of the month” by being a member in the Item of the Month Committee.

·         Participated in the selection of “The Basket of the Month” items.

·         Analyzed the sales result of flyers and offers to avoid any problems in the next one.

·         Coordinated with the QA Department to set up the policy and  procedures for  the following :

1.       Damaged items.

2.       Liquidation of items.

3.       Cash purchase from other pharmacies

4.       Inter Return policy of items from customers



District Pharmacy & Sweifieh Branch Manager                 2013-2017



·         Was in charge for enhancing  and improving the work flow in Sweifieh branch as well increasing its monthly and yearly sales.

·         Participated in relocation and expansion of the branch.

·         Participated in  a Campaign called Organize Your Medicine Cabinet

·         Participate in the launch of new service targeting people with special needs especially those with hearing and speech disabilities.

·         Played a major role in the success of the offers days held frequently at the branches which in return boosted the sales beyond the targets and placed the branch at the top of the best achievers list.


Group Pharmacist Manager                                                         2007-2013

·         Managed a team of pharmacist in the best possible ways to ensure that excellent services are provided to the branch customers, through providing team proper training, continuous performance monitoring and supporting team work.

·         Prepared and followed up on drug and Current orders to ensure high customers satisfaction.

·         Set up the customer request procedures.

·         Played a major role in establishing the “Chronic Prescriptions” section in Sweifieh branch and setting up the procedure with the insurance companies ensured a smooth and proper process of dispensing.

·         Participated in the setup of the Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) of Pharmacy One.

·         Collaborated internally with the different departments to seek ideas that would enforce their strategies.

·         Held continuous lectures to the team to strengthen and refresh their knowledge in different medical and pharmaceutical aspects, ex: Seasonal allergy, Internal Clock…etc.

·         Came up with new ideas that helped in enhancing sales. Ex: preparing Haj Kit and Travel kit and communicating with the travel agencies to explain about the importance and benefits of such products.


Chief Pharmacist from                                                                  2003-2007

I was promoted to this position without passing through the normal work hierarchy (staff, senior, senior in charge) due to my achievements and outstanding performance in my duties.

·         Played a major role in the successful of Pharmacy-1 when it was first launched.

·         Participated in the expansion and opening of new branches.

·         Attended weekly brain storming sessions that helped in boosting Pharmacy-1 market position.

·         Participated in a campaign called (Drug or Candy) by preparing and delivering training sessions to raise the awareness among school kids of the importance of telling the difference between a candy and a drug before tasting it


Staff Pharmacist from                                                                  2001-2003




Training Courses & Seminars



§  Quarterly Pharmacy-1 Conference.

§  Scientific lectures at many drug stores

§  Kick off meetings of Pharmacy-1.

§  Leadership at Pharmacy-1.

§  Interpersonal skills at Better Business.

§  Emotional Intelligence.

§  Delegation at Better Business.

§  Communication and Motivation at Better Business.

§  Excellence and Continuous Improvement at Better Business.

§  Analytical Skills and Problem Solving Abilities at Better Business.

§  Performance management at Better Business.

§  Organization and Planning at Better Business.

§  Win –Win Situation at Pharmacy-1.

§  Intensive Course about Nuxe products in Paris- France.

§  Intensive Course about Uriage products in France.

§  Empowerment at Pharmacy-1.

§  Customer Service at pharmacy-1



§  Computer (MS Office)

§  Communication and presentation

§  Team Management.


§  Writing scientific articles and publishing in magazines like Jordan Health.

§  Wrote a book about Vitamins.

§  Prepared Baby Needs booklet with in coordination with Dr. Medhat Shaban.



§ Arabic: Mother Tongue

§ English: Very good in written and spoken.

Awards and certificates


§ Certificate of Appreciation in recognition of performance.

§ Employee of the Month.












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