Dr. Radwan Ali Suleiman Banimustafa


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Dr. Radwan Ali Suleiman Banimustafa

Tele Fax :+ 9626 5516821   Mobile: +962777418393

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Name :      Dr. Radwan Ali Suleiman Banimustafa

Date of birth :         13/12/1947

Place of birth :        Soof-Jordan

Nationality :            Jordanian

Marital status :       Married with three children

Permanents address :      Dahiet Al Rashid

P.O.Box 123

Amman 11831 Jordan

Tele Fax :               + 9626 5516821

Mobile:                    +962777418393

E-mail:                    radwanali2003@yahoo.com



Medical school:      Aristotalis University

                                 Salonica – Greece 1973


Career history:

·       Internship in general medicine and general surgery , Amman base hospital 12.7.1973-10.8.1974.


·       Field medical officer ( G.P.) field army hospitals and medical centers Jordan 10/8/1974-15/9/1976


·       Resident and senior resident in general psychiatry – king Hussein Medical Center Amman 15/6/1976-30/9/1979.

·       Clinical assistant-the institute of psychiatry and the Maudsley Hospital, London, U.K 1/10/1980-30/9/1982 .

·       Consultant psychiatrist in King Hussein medical center, Amman-Jordan 1/10/1982-28/9/1996.


·       Chairman of the department from 1992 to Sept.28, 1996.


·       Senior Lecturer in Psychiatry, University of Science and technology, Jordan from November 1996 to May 1997 .


·       Member of the examination board of Psychiatry in Jordan from 1994 to 1997 .


·       Assistant editor – Arab Journal of Psychiatry from 1990 to 1997 .


·       Consultant Psychiatrist , Psychiatric hospital Manama, Bahrain since 28 May 1997 to 30,August 2001.


·       Senior assistant Professor and Consultant Psychiatrist, Jordan University Medical School and Jordan University Hospital from 6/1/2002-22/2/2004.


·       Consultant Psychiatrist and assistant general manager, Al-Rashid Psychiatric Center (Teaching Hospital ) from 1/3/2004-1/6/2005.


Qualifications :


·       Ptychion latrickis ( medical diploma ) Aristalis University Medical School Greece 1973. Grades 8/10 . ( very good )

·       Diploma in Psychological Medicine (DPM) London, U.K.1982.

·       Membership of the Royal College of Psychiatrists U.K.1982

·       Diploma in organic Psychiatry-the institute of Psychiatry London, U.K. 1986 .

·       Jordan Board in Psychiatry 1993.

·       Full registration with the general Medical Council, U.K. 1986 . Reg.no 3230811


Teaching experiences :


·       Psychiatric tutor at princess Muna collage of nursing Jordan armed forces - medical services 1982 to 28.9.1996.

·       Psychiatric clinical tutor for the national health institute based at King Hussein medical center from 1988to 1991.

·       Clinical associate professor of psychiatry, Jordan University since March, 1995 to November 1996. My work involved giving lectures to medical students in theoretical and clinical aspects op psychiatry and psychosocial dimensions of health and disease, conducting seminars of common psychiatric problems with students, teaching interviewing skills, clinical skills, and formulation of clinical cases and supervising out patients clinic with students participation .

·       Senior lecture in psychiatry at the University of science and technology medical school-Jordan, from November 1996 to June 1997. My work involved giving lectures in theoretical and clinical aspects of psychiatry and –psychosocial dimensions of health and disease, conducting seminars on common psychiatric problems with students participation and assessment of student performance.

·       Part-time assistant professor, medical school Arabian Gulf University-Bahrain, from Feb.1998 to 30/8/2001.


Through this post I work as :


- Clinical tutor for medical students in psychiatric hospital , this involves teaching assessment skills seminars on common psychiatric topics, patient management problems, supervising students work in the OPD and community visits and assessment of students in the end of clerkship.

- Problem based learning tutor.

- Professional skills tutor.

- Problem coordinator and resource for the psychiatric problems.

·       Senior assistant professor in psychiatry in Jordan university medical school from 6/1/2002 to 22/2/2004.

Clinical experience:


My career in psychiatry started in 1976 as resident and after a three year period of training in Jordan and then three years in the U.K., in 1982 I became a consultant psychiatrist in the dept. of psychiatry at king Hussein medical center-Jordan and chairman of the department from 92to 96.

The department of psychiatry in K.H.M.C. is a 40 bed acute admission short stay unit within this 600 beds general hospital.

My work involved assessment, diagnosis and management of patients in the OPD and in the hospital. Providing psychiatric consultation service to other departments and sharing the managements of patients with them.

Supervising and teaching psychiatric residents and medical students in the unit.

Active participation and supervening of research work in the unit.


In May 1997 I joined the psychiatric hospital in Manama-Bahrain as consultant psychiatrist, during this post I was in charge of general psychiatry firm for one year my work involved assessment, diagnosis and management of patients, supervising and teaching residents and medical students.

I was in charge of alcohol and drug rehabilitation unit for 2 years, my work involved assessment, diagnosis management, supervising rehabilitation programs of patients, supervising and teaching residents and medical students.

I was in charge of the psycho geriatric firm , Al farabi rehabilitation unit, the day hospital and communit6y psychiatric services for a year ended in august 2001.

Since Jan 2002 I joined Jordan university hospital as a consultant psychiatrist with a lot of liaison work and out-patient population management and in-patient management in the national center of mental health. My work involves assessment and management of all types of psychiatric disorders including substance use disorders.


Since March 2004 , I joined Al-Rashid Psychiatric Center as a Consultant Psychiatrist and assistant general manager, the job involves a lot of inpatient and outpatient management in all aspects of psychiatry.


Administrative experience


Served as a chairman of the psychiatric unit in K.H.M.C 92-96.

Served as a chairman of the social committee K.H.M.C. 90-95

Served as member of the committee for the welfare of veterans Jordan 90-96.

Served as member of the national committee for mental health planning Jordan 89-94.

Seved as a chairman of the psychiatric hospital drug committee 1998Bahrain.

Served as chairman of the psychiatric hospital safety and infection control committee, 1999. Bahrain.

Served as a chairman of the psychiatric hospital committee for the welfare of the elderly in 2000-2001 Bahrain.

Served as member of the psychiatric hospital management board in 1998 and  2000. For 6 months term. Bahrain.

Since March 2004, I have been serving as assistant general manager Al-Rashid Psychiatric Center ( private ).


Community work


I gave many lectures on different aspects of psychiatry in many Bahraini schools over the last three years.

I gave a talk about " caring for the elderly" in the international women association Bahrain March 1999.

I gave a lecture on " postpartum psychiatric disorders" in the international association Bahrain April 2001.

I gave a lecture about mental illness in Sweileh center for community development Feb. 2002 Jordan.

Monthly lecture in different aspects of psychiatry to the public in Al-Rashid Psych. Hospital.

Affiliation to professional bodies:


Member of the Royal collage of psychiatrists U.K.

Member of Jordanian psychiatric association.

Member of the Arab psychiatric association.

Member of the Islamic psychiatric association.



Scholarship to study medicine from the Jordanian armed forces  1966.

During my service in the Royal medical services I received several medals for professional and service excellence.


Publications :


1-        Frequency of panic among patients referred to psychiatry at King Hussein medical center. Arab Journal of psychiatry 1993, vol.4no.2pg84-92.

2-        Mixed anxiety depression in pregnant women , the influence of misconceptions. Arab Journal of Psychiatry 1994, vol.5no.2.pg.103-113.

3-        Klein Levin syndrome a case report; Journal of the Royal medical services, December 1996.Vol.6.Pg.25-29.

4-        Psychosocial aspects of limb amputation. Arab Journal of psychiatry May 1996 vol.7no.1 pg.55-63.

5-        Development of stress scale for health professionals in the royal medical services. Journal of the royal medical services. June 1996. vol.4pg.43-51.

6-        The psychological consequences of male sexual dysfunctions journal of pan-Arab league of dermatologist. Vol.7no.2 September 1996. Pg.68-72.

7-        Depressive symptoms in HIV + drug users in Bahrain . Arab Journal of psychiatry. Vol.13No.1pg.31-35 May 2002.

8-        Substance use among university and college students in Jordan-Arab Journal of psychiatry. Vol.14No.2 Pg.94-105 November 2003.

9-        Preparing a curriculum in substance use disorders for WHO to be used for health-workers  in-service training in Jordan 2004.

10-   Co-author of the book general Psychology Al Masirah publications-Amman2004.

11-   Review of the Arabic translation of the psychology book "Student's brain" in press 2005.


On going research work :


1-     Frequency of dysphonic premenstrual syndrome in Jordanian university students.

2-     Type of Presentations of the acute Psychosis.


Papers presented in medical conferences:



1-            Aspects of deliberate self-harm. The second scientific day of the medical dept. K.H.M.C. 1993

2-            Psychological aspects of irritable bowel syndrome. The 3rd scientific day of the medical dept. K.H.M.C. 1994.

3-            Precipitating factors in schizophrenic relapse. The 6th pan-Arab psychiatric conference, Cairo 1994.

4-            Stress an distress in dental practice, the 5th Jordanian dental conference, Amman 1994.

5-            Psychiatric consultation at K.H.M.Cf the 10th Scientific day of medical school. J.U.S.T. 1996 .

6-            The prevalence and long-term impact of child sexual abuse among male collage students. The 1st conference of the Jordanian family medicine, 1996.

7-            Psychological factors among functional dyspepsia patients. The 7th pan-Arab congress of psychiatry, Beirut. 1996.

8-            Non-compliance among psychiatric patients at K.H.M.C the 7th Pan Arab congress of psychiatry, Beirut. 1996.

9-            Supporting those who care for the elderly ( in Arabic).

10-      Self-help in the elderly ( in Arabic) .

Workshop on social planning and detection of needs of the elderly population in GCC countries. Bahrain 1999.

11-      Psychiatric aspects of epilepsy. The 1st Jordanian conference on surgical treatment of epilepsy Nov.203.Jordan

12-      Neuroimaging in psychiatry 2nd scientific day, Al-Rashid Hospital. March 2004.

13-      Pharmacotherapy of alcohol dependence 3rd scientific day, Al-Rashid Hospital  July 2004.



Conference & Workshop participations:


Over the last few years, I participated in the following conferences:

·       The American psychiatric association annual meeting 1994 Philadelphia.

·       The 6th Pan Arab congress of psychiatry 1994 morocco.

·       The 7th Pan Arab congress of psychiatry 1996 Lebanon.

·       The American psychiatric association annual meeting 1996.

·       Conference for planning and supervision for the elderly population in the Arab world. Bahrain 1997.

·       The 3rd UAE international psychiatric conference 1998.

·       The 8th pan Arab congress of psychiatry 1999 Bahrain.

·       Workshop on problem based learning 1999 AGU Bahrain.

·       Workshop on test item writing 1999 AGU Bahrain.

·       Conference on planning and detection of needs of the elderly population in GCC countries Bahrain 1999.

·       Network conference, October 2000 AGU Bahrain.

·       American psychiatric association annual meeting 2001 New Orleans.