Brig. General Najeh Al Omari, MD




Senior Consultant & Chief of Paediatric Surgery 

 Paediatric Urology & Transplant

Paediatric Laparoscopic surgeon

 Laparoscopic urology

Queen Rania Hospital for Children


King Hussein Medical Centre


Royal Medical Services


Amman- Jordan 11855

P.O. Box   855110







1. Fellow of the American College of Surgeons (FACS), Oct 2009

2. Intercollegiate Membership of the Royal College of Surgeons of UK & Ireland (IMRCS/FRCS), June 2007, A level


3. The European Board of Pediatric Surgery (FEBPS), honor degree as the 2nd in the history of EBPS with one just mark drop throughout the high standard exam.  Issued in January 2006, and a report was submitted in the European journal of pediatric surgery, Feb 2006

4. Royal Australian College of Surgeons Certificate (FRACS) April 2005.

5. Certificate of training in Pediatric Surgery, Urology and Transplant (Liver & Kidney) at Royal Alexandra Hospital / Westmead – NSW – Australia (Teaching hospital of Sydney University for a period of 2 years July 2002-2004.

6.Registrar and Senior Registrar in pediatric surgery, Pediatric Urology , Pediatric Transplant at Royal Alexandra Hospital ( Children Hospital at Westmead) Sydney – Australia  July 2002- July 2004

7. Jordan Medical Council Certificate (Board) in Pediatric Surgery 25.3.2001.

8.Paediatric Surgery fellowship at King Hussein Medical Center 1.4.1997

9.Jordan Medical Council Certificate (Board) in general surgery 9.3.1995

10.Residency program of general surgery 1.1.1991

11.Colloquium Government examination certificate 15.9.1990

12.Join the Royal Medical Services /Jordan Armed Forces 7.9.1989.

13.MD, MB.Bch, July 1989.Honor degree. First graduate of the year 90% score. Very good in all 6 year medical school

14.Faculty of medicine /Aristotele University /Thessaloniki /Greece 1983-1989.


15.General Secondary education certificate (Tawjihi) 91.1%.June 1982.



Relevant course work.



1. Anorectal Malformation workshop in Amman-Jordan with Prof.Alperto Penna/ US. 1998

2. Operation smile workshop for plastic and reconstruction surgery .Amman 1998.

3. Laparoscopic workshop at Jordan University hospital , May 2000

4. Advanced laparoscopic workshop at KHMC for colorectal and splenectomy. 2001 .                                                                                                                              5. Deliver Lectures in scientific meetings in surgical association and

paediatric surgical society and the surgical dept.KHMC.

6. Deliver lectures at the Royal Alexandra Hospital , the teaching hospital for Sydney University and university of NSW Medical school, and being member of teaching staff.

7. Member of the scientific committee at KHMC.

8. Paediatric Urology workshop  Nov.2003 Couji – Sydney.


9. Workshop in hypospadias surgery, Laparoscopic surgery and inter sex reconstruction in Jeddah Feb, 2006.


10. Deliver lectures for medical students, junior doctors and nurses at KHMC until present.

11. Visiting Paediatric Surgeon and Urology to the Children Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO), Ottawa / Canada .April –June 2007.

12. Member (Pediatric Surgeon) of the National program of liver transplant.

13. Laparoscopic and thoracoscopic as well as intersex workshop in Abo Dhabi 3.2008

14. Pediatric Laparoscopic workshop in Anorectal malformations and HD with Prof. Steven Rothenburg at KHMC 2008.

15. Thoracoscopic Nuss procedure at KHMC, Nov.2009.

16. Visiting consultant to IRCA, Strasbourg, France November 2013

17. Visiting consultant to Robert Debri children hospital, Paris, France Dec. 2013


Professional memberships

Member of the Asian Association of Pediatric Surgery

Member of the Jordan medical association and permanent registration

Member of General surgical association and permanent registration

Member of Paediatric surgical association and permanent registration

Member of Jordan-Greece medical association and permanent registration

Member of the European Board of Paediatric Surgery

Member of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.

Member of the American College of Surgeons

Member of the Pan Arab Pediatric Surgery Association

Member of the World Federation of Pediatric Surgery

Member of Paediatric surgeon internet group




Arabic :Tongue language

English : Media language, fluent speaking , writing ,reading

Greek, Fluent reading, writing, speaking





Patents and Publications


1.     Colorectal Adenocarcinoma in a defined Jordanian Population from 1990-1995.Accepted for publication in the Disease of the colon&Rectum.December 1996 ( co-author)


2.     Primary Choledocholithiasis, Case Report, accepted for publications in Iraq Medical Journal 30/7/1997. (Author).



3.     Groin Hernias and Scrotopenile Lesions in Jordanian Children, published in the Journal of The Royal Medical Services. Vol 4,No 2 1997. (Author).



4.     Head Injuries in Children, A Population study In Jordan .Accepted for publication in Sudan Medical Journal 20.5.1999.(author).



5.     The Prevalence of Raynaud’s Phenomenon in Rheumatoid Arthritis at KHMC.Accepted for publication in Sudan Medical Journal 9/5/1999.( co-author).


6.      Thoracic Injuries In Children,5 year experience at KHMC ,Published in Journal of the College of Physician and Surgeons ,Pakistan ,Vol 9,No5 ( May 1990)pp 207-208.(Author).


7.     Bupivacaine 0.25% in Caudal Block for postoperative pain in children .Accepted for publication in Medical Journal of Cairo University .24.5.2000.(co-author).


8.     Pneumatic Reduction of Intussusception in Children, 5 years experience at KHMC.Accepted for publication in  Journal of the college of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan (JCPSP)  Jan .2001.(Author).


9.     Paediatric Wondering Spleen in a Boy presented as Acute Abdomen underwent Splenectomy, Case Report, Published in the Journal of Royal Medical Services. 6.5.2001.( Author).


10.                        Snood Technique Splenopexy for Paediatric Wondering Spleen in a Girl, Case Report, published in The Medical Journal Of Jordan Medical Association 8.9.2002.( Author).


11.                        Pain management in day case inguinal hernia surgery in children using Bupivacaine local infiltration and rectal diclofenac versus Bupivacaine caudal anaesthesia alone. Accepted for publication in the journal of anaesthesia / Jordan , May 2006


12.                         Nebulized L- epinephrine for the management of post-bronchoscopy croup in children. Accepted for publication in the journal of anaesthesia / Jordan July 2006.


13.                        Safety and efficacy of Topical Adrenaline 1/100.000 in hypospadias surgery. Journal of the Royal medical services 2006

14.                        The Outcome of Conservative,Non-Operative Management of Splenic Injuries in  Childhood,10 years experience at KHMC. PAMJ 2006.

15.                        Management of childhood and adolescent varicocele. Journal of the royal medical services 2006.

16.                        Management of urethrocutaneous fistula post hypospadias. Journal of the royal medical services 2006.

17.                        Onlay versus Inlay mesh for major reconstruction of abdominal wall defects. Accepted for publication at the Journal of RMS Jul. 2007 .

18.                        2008The role of dorsal subcutaneous flap in decreasing urethrocutaneous fistula after hypospadias repair. Accepted for publication in the Jordan Medical journal.2007.

19.                        Correlation between the clinical and radiological findings in pediatric bronchoscopy for FBA accepted for publication in the journal or royal medical services, 2007.

20.                        Low groin incision for pediatric female hernia. Accepted for publication in the Journal of RMS .2007

21.                        Suture less closure of inguinal incisions in  day case pediatric inguinal surgery, accepted  for publication in the Pan Arab Medical Journal 1/ 2009.

22.                        Laparoscopic Fundoplication  in Children, Published in JMST, Jan 2014

23.                        Antibiotic Prophylaxis in Vesicoureteric Reflux in Children , Published in JMST, May 2014.

24.                        Laparoscopic & Laparoscopic Assisted Pyeloplasty in Children, Accepted in RMS medical Journal , April 2014.

25.                        Role of antibiotic prophylaxis for surgical site infection, JMST ,July 2014.

26.                         papers under review for publications on the following topics:



Laparoscopic Splenectomy & Cholecysectomy

Laparoscopic Nephroureterectomy

Laparoscopic  Ureter reimplantation

Laparoscopic Ovarian cystectomy

Surgery for Intersex

The outcome of urinary bladder augmentation & Diversion



 Conferences and Scientific Meetings



1.   Fifth  Scientific Day of The Department of Surgery.,Amman,KHMC. 28/7/1994. (Attendance).

2.    Sixth Scientific Day of The Surgical Depte. Amman-KHMC.April 27/7/ 1995 Presented a case of Massive Lower CI bleeding due to Behcet’s Disease.

3.   The 3rd International  Congress Of Jordan Cardiac Society ,Amman,April  17-19/1996. ( co-author) Mitral Valve Replacement.

4.   The 1st International Congress Of RMS ,Amman,14-17/5/1996.(attendance).

5.   24th Conference of Jordan Surgical Society & 4th German Conference ,Amman, November 4-6/1996.

6.   7th Scientific Day of Surgical Depte. ,Amman ,KHMC 2/1/1997.(Presented Primary Choledocholithiasis).

7.   The 2nd scientific day of ENT department at KHMC 6/1997.

8.   . 25th Conference of the Jordan Surgical Society & 5th German Conference. Amman 13-15 /10/1997. (attendance.

9.   3rd Scientific Day of The Paediatric Depte.,Amman,KHMC.23/11/1997.(presented the non operative management of blunt splenic injuries in children).

10.         8th Scientific Day Of Surgical Depte.,Amman,KHMC ,18/6/1998

11.         5th Scientific Day of Paediatric Depte.,Amman,KHMC ,27/1/2000.( presented a case of purpura fulminance post traditional Circumcision.

12.         2nd International Jordan-Iraq Medical Congress& Scientific Day of Medical School of Science and Technology University,Irbed  ,April ,10-12/2000.( presented : tracheo bronchial FB in Children .

13.         1st Jordan –Greek International Medical Congress. Amman.10-12/2000.( Co-author, presentation  pulmonary pseudotumour.

14.         28th Conference Of The Jordan Surgical Society ,Amman-Irbid. 28-29/9/2000.Presented a case of massive hematuria due to bilateral AVM of internal pedundal artery.

15.         8th International Congress Of Jordan Paediatric Society,Amman.18-20/10/2000.Presented the Pneumatic Reduction Of Intussusception in Children.

16.         6th Scientific Day of Paediatric Depte.,Amman,KHMC.June 2001.(attendance).

17.         29th International Congress of The Jordan Surgical Society & American Medical School/Libanon.Amman.June 2001

18.         9th Scientific day of Paediatric Depte.RMS and Ministry of Health.Amman,KHMC.June 2002,presented Familial Brancheo-Oto-Renal Syndrome.(BOR).

19.         the 34th PAPS meeting .May 2003, Sydney-Australia( attencance).

20.         1st Blood and Bones Conference ,Royal Alexandra Hospital /Westmead/Sydney. 7/ 2003. Presented : Development of Medicine in Jordan.

21.         The Meeting of The Royal Australian college of Surgeons. Melbourne ,May 2004. (attendance).

22.         2nd Blood and Bones Conference in Sydney-Westmead 7 /2004.presented the Role of Jordan Medical Service in Humanitarian missions & United Nations Peace keeping Forces.

23.         11th Conference of Jordan Paediatric Association 10/2004. Amman. Presented a study : Acute Scrotum In Children ,7 year experience.

24.         The 1st conference of King Abdullah Teaching Hospital / Jordan Scientific & Technology University 6/-8/4/2005. Supervised a presentation , our study about safety & efficacy of topical Adrenaline 1/100.000 as topical in Hypospadias Surgery.

25.         Oral Midazolam as premedication in Paediatric day case surgery . The Jordan – Spain medical  congress . 2006

26.         3rd international Jordan-Greek Medical Congress. Amman. 11-13/5/2005.Presented as gust speaker about Hypospadias Surgery Up To Date

27.         Vascularized Dorsal Dartos flap for preventing fistula in hypospadias repair. The First International Pediatric Surgical congress, Saudi Arabia, Jeddah 25.2.2006.

28.          Management of complex urethrocutaneous fistula post hypospadias repair presented in the Jordan Pediatric Association International Conference May 06.

29.         2 papers in the 3rd  conference of the royal medical services in hypospadias surgery and corrosive esophageal injuries.

30.         The role of rectal Vancomycin in the management of Enterocolitis of Hirschsprung’s disease. The conference of Jordan Laboratory conference 8/2006 .

31.         The outcome of hCG in the management of retractile testes in children, The conference of Jordan Laboratory conference 8/2006.

32.         Laparoscopic gastrostomy in children , preliminary experience in 14 cases. The conference of the Jordan Surgical Society Nov 2006

33.         Perioperative pain management in pediatric inguinal day case surgery. The conference of the Jordan medical schools 2007.

34.         Management of childhood and adolescent varicocele. The conference of the south of Jordan. April 2007 .

35.         The 11 surgical day of the Department of surgery (RMS) July 2007.

36.         Double versus single layer vascularized dorsal dartos flap after TIP repair for minimizin the fistula rate after hypospadias repair. The international pediatric surgicagl congress , ABO Dhabi 3.2008

37.         One stage duhamel pull through procedure for HD in children. The international medical  conference of JUST 4.2008.

38.         five papers and boosters  in the 4rth international conference of RMS 5.2008.

39.         One paper and 2 boosters in the AAPA, Bangkok  ,Nov. 2008.

40.         Advanced general Pediatric Laparoscopic surgery, the int. meeting of the Jordan Medical association Nov,2009.

41.         Advanced pediatric laparoscopic urology , the int. congress of Jordan pediatrics, Nov 2009

42.         Tow papers accepted in the AAPS, Feb 2010, Malaysia 

43.         Advanced Pediatric general  Laparoscopic Surgery and Laparoscopic Urology, 2nd  international congress of Ministry of Health and Prince Bassma teaching Hospital , April 2010.

44.         Attendance of the 41 APSA in Orlando ,Florida , May 2010.

45.         Attendance of the first international pediatric urology congress and American Urology Meeting , San Francisco , California , May 2010 

46.         Pediatric Surgical Emergencies, The 39th international congress of the Jordanian Surgical Society and the Italian  Surgical Association, Nov, 2010.

47.         2 papers accepted for presentation in the 2nd international meeting in Irbid medical association.3.3.2011

48.         5 papers accepted for presentation in the 2nd international congress of

pediatric surgery an Jeddah 12-14 /2011.


49.         2 papers presented in the Pan  Arab and Jordanian urology international congress. 2011, Amman- Jordan

50.         Surgery for intersex , presented in the plastic and reconstruction congress 2011, Amman – Jordan.

51.         Laparoscopic near total pancreatectomy for persisting hypoglycemia in children ( Nissidioblastosis ), presented in the 12 pan- Arab and 1st Qatar pediatric surgical association in Doha , Feb 2012

52.         4 papers were accepted and presented 3rd international medical congress in Irbid , April 2012.

53.         Attendance of the 43 APSA and oncology meeting in San Antonio, Texas 19-23 May, 2012.

54.         4 papers presented in the 6th international conference of RMS, Dead Sea, Aril  2013.

55.         5 papers presented in the 13 pan Arab and 2 Jordanian international  pediatric surgery conference, May 2013, Amman

56.         Laparoscopic Gastro-Intestinal Surgery, presented in the International conference of Jordan Pediatric Association, Sep. 2013.

57.         3 Papers presented in 4rth international conference of Jordan Medical Association, Irbid, March 2014.

58.         2 papers accepted and presented  in 47  PAPS meeting , Banff, Alberta, Canada, May 2014.

59.         Attending the APSA, 45 meeting , Phoenix, Arizona May- Jun 2014.

60.         Attending the APSA, 45 meeting , Phoenix, Arizona May- Jun 2014.

Attending & presenting as group of my team 6 papers in the 7nth international congress of RMS, Dead Sea Nov 2014



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