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Hussam Abdel Fattah Rashid  Abu-Farsakh, MD .


Nationality : Jordanian.


Address :              P.O.BOX 2098


                             Amman , Jordan

                             Work phone (9626) 5931310

                             Mobile 962-79- 5552116

                             e.mail: F1Lab@yahoo.com 


Fields of experience:

Histopathology (especially tumor pathology)

Cytopathology (Fine needle aspiration and biopsy from various organs ) Hematopathology with bone marrow procedure and examination



·        American Board of Anatomic and Clinical Pathology, June 4th, 1993

·        American Board of Cytopathology, May 31th, 1994.       

·        MRCP ( part I) January 1988

Honorary Positions:

·        In the “International Editorial Board” of Archives of Pathology (the official Journal of College of American Pathologists)

·        Abstract reviewer for CAP meeting since 2004


·        Lab director of the First Medical Laboratories since 10-1999

·        Consultant at King Hussein Cancer Center (part time job) since 12/2002- till 8/2008

          * Lab director and Consultant Pathologist and Cytopathlogist at    SHMAISANI Hospital from 6/1997-till Sept 1999

*Assistant professor at pathology department at Jordan       University, Faculty of Medicine; and Consultant pathologist at

          Jordan University Hospital ( 8/94-9/96)

          *Senior fellow at M.D.Anderson Cancer Center, Houston , Texas (7/1993-6/1994)

Education and training :      

          *Fellowship in Cytopathology at M.D.Anderson Cancer Center, Houston TX. (July 1st,1993-June 30th,1994).

          *Fellowship in Surgical tumor pathology at M.D.Anderson cancer          center (July 1st,1992-June30th, 1993). 

*Pathology Residency in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston. TX.(July 1st, 1988-June 30th,          1992).


          Medical School :

          Kuwait Faculty of Medicine , Kuwait University (1979-1986)          A graduate with distinction with class honor.


          High School:

                   The first student in all Kuwait high schools, Class 1979.


          Awards :

- The “Outstanding Performance” Award from the Texas Society of Pathology, 1992

- Distinguished Research activity award in field of male infertility from “Jordan Society of Infertility “, meeting 2004, Amman , JORDAN .

*I was placed in the honor list in each and every course at the         Medical school.

- Golden Medal from Amir of Kuwait for outstanding performance in Medical School , 1986


Teaching Experience:

          *Postgraduate teaching for MRCOG and FRCS courses at Jordan University (1994 and 1995)

          *Undergraduate Teaching for Medical school (1994-95 and 1995-   1996)

*Teaching Medical Students and residents at M.D.Anderson Cancer Center (1992-1994).

        *Teaching Medical Student Pathology Course at Baylor College of Medicine(1990-1992)



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