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Dr. Ali Saleh Hijazi



Date of birth: July 1st,1943


Place of Birth: Al Madinah Al-Munawarah  (Saudi Arabia)


Nationality: Saudi Arabian


Marital Status: Married, " Four Children"


Current Mailing Address :

Hamad Medical Corporation


Doha – Qatar

Arabian Gulf


Telephone No's :


Office :(0974)492324-Direct




 Home :(0974)670625


Curriculum Vitae






Current Position :


 - Senior Consultant


 - Head Of Thoracic & Cardiovascular  And Transplantation        Surgery   


-Vice Chairman, Department of Cardiology /                                 Cardiovascular Diseases.

  Hamad Medical Corporation

  Doha – Qatar

  Arabian Gulf


Previous Position :


Consultant Cardiothoracic & Renal

Transplant Surgeon

Queen Alia Heart Center

 Jordan Arab Army



Rank :

Major General


Degrees :



University Of Istanbul Faculty Of Medicine



F.R.C.S.ED :

 Royal College Of Surgeons-Of






Fellowship  :

Certificate In Cardiothoracic &

Vascular Surgery

Texas Heart Institute

ST,Lukes Episcopal Hospital

Huston – Texas

July, 1979




ECPMG : 1976

FACS     : American College Of Surgeons , 1981


Academic Education :


High School     :  King Hussein College




Medical School  : Faculty Of Medicine

                             University Of Istanbul



Date Of Graduation : 10/3/1966

Degree  : Doctor In Medicine  (M.D,)



Post graduate Training :


Internship :


HACET-TEPE  University Hospital

University Of  HACET –TEPE   


March 1966-March 1967



Residency :


First Year Surgical Resident

Department Of Surgery

HACET-TEPE  University

March-1967-July 1967


After The War In 1967 My Surgical Training As A resident  at  HACET-TEPE  University Was Briefly Interrupted As I joined The Royal Medical Services In the Jordan Arab Army As A Military Doctor.


Military Training Course  : July 1967-December 1967

                                            Jordan Arab Army


Continuation Of Surgical Residency :


Resident In General Surgery :


* January 1968-December 1971

   The Army Base Hospital



* This Is A Four Year General Surgical Training Program with     Rotation into all Surgical Subspecialties which Included                           Urology, Orthopedics, NEURO Surgery, Plastic,  Cardiothoracic, Accident & Emergency    



 * This program was Jointly Established Between The Royal     

            College In U.K, and The Royal Medical Services, It was     Supervised and fully Recognized by these Colleges.








Activities During Residency :


* During My Residency In The Base Hospital, I Participated In   

   Establishing the Unit Of Cardiothoracic Surgery.



* I was In Charge of research And animal Lab, where

   Experimental Heart Operations were Carried out on Dogs After Duty hours.   


* In 1969 The first successful Open Heart was Performed In

   Jordan, At the Army Base Hospital, I was one of the Team     who Performed the Operation.    


Training In U.K, :


Two Year program Of Surgical Training

Sponsored by the Army and under the

Supervision of The Royal College Of

Surgeons (Edinburgh)


During This period I fulfilled and Attended

The Following:


                               Basic Sciences Course  A 4 months

                               Preparatory course for the primary FRCS


                               Clinical Surgical Course 4 months Course,

                               For Final FRCS


                               Clinical Attachments to the Royal Infirmary

                               And Western-General Hospitals Of Edinburgh.                               


                               Passed the Primary FRCS Exam,       GLASCOW,                               



                              Passed The Final FRCS exam,




Work Experience :


* Registrar, In Cardio-Thoracic & Vascular Surgery And Also member Of The RENAL-Transplantation Team.   


   January 1974-July-1976

   King Hussein Medical City



* Senior Registrar, Same Department

   July-1976-July 1977.


* N.B, King Hussein Medical City, Is A multi specialty Center      with the specialty of 1000 beds. 

   The Annual Work volume of Cardiothoracic Surgery was Increasing steadily to reach 700 procedures In 1981.    


* During This Period, I was The Director Assistant In The Department.   



Training In U.S, :


July 1977- July 1979

Fellow In Cardiothoracic & Vascular Surgery

Texas Heart Institute And St.EPISCOPAL Hospital

Texas Children Hospital



N.B, :

This Is A 24 months program Training In Cardiac Surgery under the Supervision of DR. Denton Cooley


About six Thousand Procedures are performed Annualy At Texas Heart .


During My Presence In Houston I participated In Approximately 1700 Open Heart Operations And performed Many By myself.


All Congenital, Adult Cardiac, Thoracic & Vascular Conditions were covered Including very rare And Unusual Cases .


Continuation Of Work Experience :


* Consultant :

In Cardiothoracic & Vascular Surgery   

  King Hussein Medical City


July 1979-July 1981   



Consultant :

 In Cardiothoracic And Vascular Surgery

Queen Alia Heart Center


July 1981-Feb 1983


N.B, :

Queen Alia Heart Center Was Opened In 1981, A Modern Center For Cardiac Patients, Capacity Of 250 beds And A Volume Of 1000 Open Hearts Yearly


Experience In RENAL Transplantations :


Until 1983 Approximately 85 RENAL Transplants were performed By Us In Jordan.


I was The Director Assistant In The Department, Supervising All The Activities, I have performed almost Half Of these Cases And was Heavily Involved In The Pre OP And Post OP care Of These patients.


* Consultant  Cardiovascular Surgery

   HAMAD Medical Corporation


   Arabian Gulf.


* In Feb 1983, I was seconded by The Royal Medical Services In Jordan to The Ministry Of Health In The State of Qatar    


* I established The Unit Of Cardiothoracic And Vascular Surgery At HAMD Medical Corporation , before this date there was no Cardiac Surgery In Qatar.


This Unit developed Gradually to become One of the best Units In The Gulf Area .


Annual Volume 400 procedures out of which 250 are Open Hearts, The best Is Variable Thoracic, Vascular And RENAL, Transplants.


The Cardiac Procedures Include All Kinds Of Congenital, Valvular And coronary Artery surgery, In the congenital group   palliative And total corrective procedures are performed In All Pediatric age Groups from few hours old neonates up to 15 Years old children,


In the Adult Group All kinds of valve repairs And Replacements are carried out, This is In Addition to all conditions related to coronary Artery Surgery.


RENAL Transplantation Unit  :

I started This Unit In 1986, All Immunological studies are performed locally In A special Lab, so far 25 RENAL Transplants were performed with A very high success rate, CADAVERIC and living donors were used.


3 Successful Pediatric Transplants were done,

In 2 cases Kidneys of 12 ABD 18 months old

Dead Children were Used, In 25 and 40 years

Old Patients, These kidneys are still functioning adequately after The Transplantations (3years follow-up-1991)


However, The limitations due to the scarcity of donors organs    remains A problem In this country.


We perform All the vascular Access procedures and Vascular   

Catheterization Techniques necessary for Hemodialysis.


Summary Of Experience :

Excellent Experience In all Branches Of Heart Surgery.

Experience In Lung Resection, Esophageal Cancers and other    conditions In Addition to CONG, ESOPH, ATRESIA and Fistulas,


Massive Experience In War Causalities, Traumatology And        Limb Re-Implants, This Experience was Gained during the civil War In Jordan 1969-1971


Good Experience In Hospital Administration And Medical Equipments.


Teaching Activities :

Lecturer-Queen Mona School Of Nursing,



Clinical rounds For Medical students,

University Of Jordan.


Lecturer School Of Nursing

Ministry Of Health



Examiner For The Jordan Board Of  Cardiothoracic Surgery.


Membership In Surgical Societies :

- Denton Cooley Cardiothoracic Society.

- Medical De-BAKEY Cardiothoracic Society.

- American Military Surgical Associates.

- Jordan Cardiothoracic Association.


Medals Gained during Military Service:


 Independence Medal-Grade3-

First Open Heart In Jordan 1969.   



- Military Excellence 1974.

- Independence Medal Grade2-1975.


-  American Medal Of the Military Academy-1976.


- Medal If Long Military Service-1981.


- Medal Of Alkaraweh Battle -1968.


N.B,: In October 1990 I asked for Early retirement from the Jordan Arab Army, While I was still in service In Qatar.


References :


Dr, Hajar Ahmad Hajar : under secretary of public Health and Managing Director Hamad Medical Corporation


Tel : (0974)493802.


Dr, Kamel Ajloni : EX-Medical Director Hamad Hospital & Director of The University of Technology and medical Sciences


Tel : (09622)295111



Dr, Denton Cooley : Chief Of Cardiothoracic Surgery Texas Heart Institute , ST.LUKES Episcopal Hospital


Tel : (01/13)7914929.


Dr, George Reul : Chief Assistant Cardiothoracic surgery Texas Heart Institute


Tel : (01713)7914929.


Dr, Abdulla Al Baker

EX, Chief  of Surgery Department Hamad Medical Corporation


Tel: (0974)426607-Direct

       (0974) 493174.


Publications :


Peripheral Vascular Injuries In Jordan

Dr,D,Hanania And Dr,A,Hijazi.


Management Of Thoracic Empyemas In Children,

Dr,S,Saleh And Dr,A,Hijazi.


Experience of Valvular Surgery In Jordan

Dr,Y,Qusous, Dr,D,Hanania, Dr,N,Harbi & Dr,A,Hijazi.



These Papers were Published In The Jordan Medical Journals In 1968, 1970,1976. The Exact Dates will Be Forwarded Later.


Traumatic AORTIC Rupture Following non Penetrating Trauma, Dr,A,Hijazi. And Dr,Akasheh

November 1982-Jordan Medical Journal.


An unusual Case Of fever Following Coronary By Pass surgery

January 1990-Saudi Medical Journal

James Davidson, Essa Matar & Dr,A,Hijazi.


Abnormal Origin Of right Pulmonary Artery from The Ascending AORTA Case report.

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Surgical Management Of Congenital LOBAR EMPYSEMA.

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LEIOMYOMA Of the Esophagus                                 

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Letter to the Editor

Traumatic Rupture Of Thoracic AORTA


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Migrating Intravascular Foreign Bodies


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Comparative Effects of Enalapril & Nifedipine on RENAL Hemodynamics In Hypertensive RENAL Allogtaft Recipients.

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Papers presented In Conferences :


Extended Right Hemihipatectomy for  Localized Liver Tumours

Presentation Of the first two Cases of Hepatic resection done in Jordan for Hepatomas .

Papers presented In the first Jordan Medical Conference In 1976


Management of AORTIC Aneurysms paper presented In The first Jordan Medical Conference In 1976.


Valvular Suture Technique paper presented In the Texas Heart Symposium In Houston 1985.


Heart Surgery In Qatar

Paper presented In the first Qatar Medical Conference In Doha In November 1987.


Valvular Surgery

Paper presented In the Qatari-French Conference In Doha-November 1988.


Low Cardiac output SYN.

Paper presented In A Doha conference



RENAL transplantation In Qatar

Presentation of 25 Cases Done In Hamad Hospital

Dubai Conference Feb 1992.










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