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Name :  Sanabel Ziadeh -PT
Qualifications: University of Jordan, faculty of rehabilitation sciences, Amman, Jordan (20092013).
Mobile :  









Personal Identification:





-University of Jordan, faculty of rehabilitation sciences, Amman, Jordan (20092013).


Work experience duration 3 years :


 work locations:

Ibn al haytham hospital from oct\2013 til now.

Prima clinic from march\2016 till now.


Field experience :


1-     Jordan University Hospital(training).

2-     Royal Medical Services (King Hussein Medical Center) (training).

3-     Al Basheer Governmental Hospital (training).

4-     Ibn al haytham hospital (august 2013 till now).

5-     Prima clinic (medical spa) from march\2016 till now.

.Academic experience :


-           Mulligan concept for manual treatment of extremities and the spine:

        Level A 22\ May\2014.

        Level B 24\ May 2014.

        Level C 14 and 15\ Aug\2015.

        Exam 17\ Aug\2015.

-           Introduction to McKenzie concept and treatment techniques modules, at 2013.

-           Injections workshops at Sep\2011.

-           X ray reading at 24 \Des\2010.

-           Sport injury at 30\ May\2013.

-           Orthopedic manual technique( level A and B) at 20-23\Oct\2014.

-          Basic life support (BLS) at 21\ Dec\2014.

Main tasks :


- Assessment for the new cases such az neurological, orthopdic, rheumatology and syndromes.

- Treatment planning and implementation by the PT various modalities such as therapeutic exercises and  Manual therapy.

- Reevaluation and follow up.

- Report writing and documentation of progress.

Further tasks :


- Arrange group therapy for gross and fine motor functions.

- Attend medical consultant and orthotist visits.

- In service lecturing to staff, trainees, Pt families.

- Assisting with general work social occasions, Pt's sport activities and field days.

- Trying to find or to create new needed equipment .

-Following the data bases and the updating researches on the field.

-Preparation of public leaflets awareness in simple Arabic or English languages.


Languages :


- Arabic : mother language.

- English : very good.


Personal skills :


- Accepted computer skills.

- Very good report writing skills and translating to arabic.

- Very good communications and interpersonal skills.

- Talent to work under pressure individually or in a team.

- Accuracy in work and ability to present on time.

- Very good administrative skills.

-High ability to Continuous learning and share ideas..




Associate professors, University of Jordan, Jordan

        Belal flaifel /therapist in Dubai / 0796927592.

        Suad al dmairy therapist in ibn al haytham hospital \0797479450.

        Dr yousef sarhan (orthopedic and physical medical doctor \0795564932.



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