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Khadar A. Alhmaimat

BSc in Physical Therapy

Amman - Jordan



Personal  Information

       Date of Birth: March 30th, 1988

       Gender:  Male

       Marital Status: Single

       Nationality: Jordanian






  • BSc in Physical therapy , Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences, Jordan University (JU), Amman, Jordan - 2006-2010
Professional  Experience  


       Physiotherapist in Ibn al-Haytham Hospital                                                              Mar2014-Present

       Physiotherapist in The Saudian Academy for Special Education                           Dec2012-Jan2014

       Physiotherapist in Handicap International (NGO)                                                   Sep2012-Dec2012

       Physiotherapist in Alnamothajia School for Special Education                              Jun2011-Sep2012   

       Physiotherapist as synchronized part time in Physiocare Center                           Jun2011-Feb2012

       Physiotherapist in Alhelal Center for Rehabilitation & Special Education            Aug 2010-Apr2011   


Training & Other Experiences  
  • "360 hours" of Clinical  PT Practice  under supervision
     in Al-bashir Hospital &Medical Hussein City  - 2009-2010
  • Nurse assistant in Ein Al-basha Medical Center  - 2008- 2010
Continuing Education and Workshops Attended  


       Management of Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction, Jordanian Physiotherapy  society

       Sensory Reeducation after peripheral Nerve Injury, The Jordanian Society for Occupational Therapy

       Torture psychological effects & consequences best practice, Amman , CVT

       Conflict Injury Seminar, Amman, HI , MSF and CVT

       Principles of Radiology in Physical Therapy Cases, Jordanian Physiotherapy  society

       Mechanical Diagnosis & Treatment of  the Lumber Spine, Center of Consultation, Jordan University (JU)

       Injection, Club of  Healthy Care , Jordan University       

       First Aid,  Club of Healthy Care, Jordan University                    

       Therapeutic massage, Jordanian  Physiotherapy  society (JPTS)                         

       The role of Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) in Physical Therapy Practice, Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences, Jordan University

       Mulligan's Cervical SNAGS, Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences, Jordan University

       ICDL, King Abdullah II Fund, For Development, JU

       Skills of Success, Injas Office, Jordan University 



        Effective clinical reasoning and excellent problem solving skills

       Ability to work under pressure

       Time management

       Can be creative& make new ideas

       Communication skills and the ability to establish positive relationships with patients, medical Professionals and staff at all levels

       Ability to contribute effectively to a team environment or work independently as required

       Attention to detail, particularly where it affects patient care, quality service or safety

       Quick to adapt to change and highly responsive to a new challenge or opportunities to continue learning and developing

       Flexible and positive approach

Language Skills  

       Arabic: Native

       English : Very good Reading, Writing and Conversation

Computer Skills  

       Good skills to use Ms Windows office

       Excellent  in Internet Browsing