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Name :

Dima Saadeh Al-saleam

Qualifications: B.Sc.  Degree in Physical therapy\University of Jordan Amman


Mobile :  

00 96 2 798246060
00 96 2 53740671


9/12/1983 Jordan /Amman

Email: damdoom_m@yahoo.com






        2001-2005   :   B.Sc.  Degree in Physical therapy\University of Jordan Amman       

        2000-2001 : Quter Al_nada , High school,


Work Experience :  

        From 1/9/2014 until now supervisor of physical therapist in Ibn Al Haytham hospital,Full time, Jordan, Amman. in addition to my therapy work

         1/9/2007 to 1/9/2014- : Physical therapist in Ibn Al Haytham hospital, Full time, Jordan, Amman.  Working as  inpatient therapist with TKR ,THR, laminectomy, and  ICU pt and working as an outpatient  therapist with different cases such as back pain, knee pain , shoulder  problem ,CVA , CP, incontinence patient  and lymph edema patient and working in post and prenatal rehabilitation program

        1/6//2006 until 1/9/2006 :Abdoon centre  

        4/2007 until 7/2007:  University of Jordan hospital  as inpatient and outpatient therapist

        1/3/2006 until 1/6/2006 : King Hussein cancer centre  with lymph edema patient

        1/8/2005 until 1/12/2005 :Noor Al-hussein centre  with CP patient 


Additional Courses :  
  • International course in medical tape (level one and two)
  • Course certified in leg ,ankle ,and foot assessment and taping
  • Therapeutic Massage
  • Workshop on radiology for physiotherapy
  • Workshop on physiotherapy differential diagnosis and intervention for knee and ankle join
Skills and Languages :  

        Fluent in Arabic language (mother language).

        Good in English language, writing, reading and speaking.

        Very good personal and communication skills.

        Ability to work under pressure.

        Team spirit.

        Internet and search skills

        Typing in Arabic and English