Sema' Emran Ibrahim Darabseh

Bachelor degree in physical therapy









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Personal information
Name                         : Sema' Emran Ibrahim Darabseh
Date of birth             : 22/3/1993
Place of birth            : Irbid
Nationality                :Jordanian
The religion              : Islam
Permanent address   : Irbid
Mobile    No               :0796889036
E-mail    address       :
Bachelor Degree:
 I got a bachelor degree in physical therapy (2014-2015) from Jordanian university of science and technology (JUST) (irbid-jordan).
Graduation project: Hippotherapy.
High School:
I passed the general secondary certificate examination for scientific stream (2011) from Al-Turra secondary high school ( Al-ramtha - turra).
     Trained at Jordanian Royal Medical Services, Royal Rehabilitation Center, Physical Therapy Department:
(Orthopedic department, Neurology and Spinal cord injury department ,Prosthetics department ).
     Trained at Al-Bashir Hospital, Physical Therapy, Pediatrics Department.
     Trained at King Abdullah University Hospital, Physical Therapy Department and ICU.
     Trained at Princess Basma Teaching Hospital, Physical Therapy Department.
        I had experience from orthopedic clinic (irbid-jordan) .
        I work in rehabilitation center  ( specially pediatric and neuro patients ) 1 year and 9 months .  
     I had a workshops in Jordanian university in:
     Hikmat concept,  kinesiolgy tape , athletic shoulder management.
     I had Hikmat concept advance course.
     Attended the First Scientific Day for Allied Health Professions, Royal  Medical.
     Attended the First Conference in Jordan Universities in  Rehabilitation Sciences.
     I had course about ( physiotherapist in sport managing injury , reduction , rehabilitation and performance
     Extracurricular  activities Award  from J.U.S.T, Department of Rehabilitation Sciences: I was the best and most active in extracurricular work 
     Joined a volunteering group at Volunteer Club in Jordan University of Science and Technology: 2012-2015.
     Joined just for just (JFJ) newspaper: 2014-2016.
     Member at Ana Usharek and Usharek+ :2014-2016.
 Arabic : native
 English: near-native
Additional notes
I am team worker, willing to work under pressure, innovative, diligent and dynamic, Proficient in Microsoft Office , Fast in writing on the computer  I have excellent communication skills, And I hope to become a member of your group.







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