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What is Dry needling?


   I am interested as a special physiotherapist to be updated with new information and new techniques related to the physiotherapy field ,that effects positively on our patients by getting quick and magic results and real improvement, the last workshop and practice which I got is dry needling course .

What is Dry needling???
- It is Acupuncture needles are placed into trigger points or taut bands of muscle tissue that are palpated by the practitioner. The aim of treatment is to restore normal health, tissue tension &local physiology .this has the effect of reducing pain that arises from these tender taut bands in muscle tissue.
the idea of dry needling came in the late 1930 when Dr.Janet Travel from USA became interested in the earlier work of Kellgren. She thought about mechanism of analgesic effects of procaine on tender muscle tissue areas because the analgesic effect lasted much longer than the 90 minutes duration that procaine normally provides, she found that the injection alone could relieve the pain that is evoked from manual pressure over a tender muscle ,hence the term ”Dry needling"
These Acupuncture needles are placed into trigger points or taut bands of muscle tissue.

Physiotherapy acupuncture association of New Zeland; Guidelines for safe dry needling practice (2014)
Aim of Dry needling treatment is:
-Pain relieve during first session
- increase range of motion
-improve posture flexibility
-decrease muscle tightness and stiffness
-improve circulation
-restoring normal daily activities and sport performance for athletes