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Pharco Pharmaceuticals is a private Egyptian Pharmaceutical company  producing ethical pharmaceuticals in the form of tables, coated tablets, effervescent granules, syrups, ointments, creams, gels, suppositories, drops, powders for suspension and ampoules. Pharco proved its excellence by covering the needs to various soft gelatin capsules formulations containing a single vitamin, multivitamins, minerals, natural products, and other medical ingredients. 

The company was founded in 1982, our Capital is 200 million L.E. and our annual sales is 250 million L.E. for the year 2000.


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Chairman and Managing Director : Dr. Hassan Abbas Helmy.  
General Manager  : Dr. Sherine Hassan Abbas Helmy. 

Because up to date production technology and cGMP are the cornerstones in the Pharco establishment, Pharco is one of the most advanced Pharmaceutical plants in Egypt and the Middle East.

Pharco is committed to continuous research and development to discover new solutions to today's foremost medical challenges. This includes finding new uses for existing drugs, and investigating entirely new areas of pharmaceutical science.

Pharco's sharp customer focus allows it to answer and anticipate customer needs.

Pharco works to stay close to its customers all over the world and to understand the requirements for their varied business. By cultivating strong relationship with health care professionals, we seek to become true partners in providing products for constantly changing health care challenges.

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