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Hazim Mohammad Salameh Elshebli

(Hazim Otoom)

B.Sc. in Physical Therapy.


Address 1: Jordan – zarqa – new zarqa- albatrawy.
Address 2: University of Jordan, college of Rehabilitation
Sciences, queen rania st, P.O Box: Amman - 11942 Jordan.
Mobile : +962777782160.
E-Mail : -


Name : hazim Elshebli.
Date of Birth : 18/4/1982.
Place of Birth: Jerash _ Jordan.
Nationality : Jordanian.
Gender : Male.


May 2008 – November 2009 training program in physiotherapy at ″Tor Vergata″ University of Rome
and ″G.D’Annunzio″ University of Chieti-Pescara within the framework of a cooperation project.
2000 - 2004 Hashemite University, college of allied health sciences Zarka, Jordan
B.Sc. in Physical Therapy.
GPA: 3.17 Rate: very good.
1999- 2000 Al Thawra Al Arbia Al Kubra Schools Zarka, Jordan
General high school / scientific stream 83.7%


Knowledge of the therapeutic effects and the use of physical therapy tools: (U.S, electrotherapy, S.W.D, I.R, Wax, Cold therapy, etc…..)

Physical therapy assessment & treatment of:
1. Orthopedic cases. 5. Cardiac cases.
2. Neurological cases. 6. Respiratory cases.
3. Geriatric cases. 7. Pre and post natal cases.
4. Pediatric cases.


  • Very good computer & internet skills (MS office & SPSS)
  • Good communication skills.
  • Time schedule flexibility
  • Team player.
  • Training in ministry of health’s hospitals, medical rehabilitation center, children rehabilitation and cerebral palsy centers for (9) month during study.
  • Training in medical hussien center from 30- 6- 2003 up to 30-9- 2003.
  • Physical therapist in alhikma modern hospital ( about 65 beds ) from 1/7/2004 – 1/12/2004 ( management and clinical duties).
  • Science teacher in primary school ( ministry of education) from 2/12/2004 – 2/6/2005.
  • Physical therapist in qasr shabib hospital ( 76 beds ) from 5 / 7 / 2005 – 5/11/2006
    (management and clinical duties).
  • Physical therapist in the Royal medical services hospitals from 5/11/2006 – 17/4/2008.
  • University of Jordan (college of rehabilitation sciences); clinical administration under the cooperation agreement between university of Jordan and Italian external affairs ministry for enforce the college of rehabilitation sciences in the university from 20/4/2008 up to now.
  • Training in the university of Chieti (the cathedral of rehabilitation medicine) from 7/5/2008 – 23/12/2008
  • Training in the university Tor Vergata (policlinico of Tor Vergata, and san rafaelle portuenese) from 7/1/2009 up to 9/11/2009.
  • Clinical instructor university of Jordan (faculty of rehabilitations sciences) from 15/11/2009 up to now. (train, instruct and teach physiotherapy students in clinics and hospitals including supervision, assessment and treatment).


  • Hospitalization for burns unit at al-basher hospital (hazem elshebli etal.,) presented in the international scientific for rehabilitation, Amman 17-20 APR 2008.
  • Laser HILT therapy, at the fifth scientific day at the faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences in the University of Jordan.
  • La terapia occupazionale nuove frontiere scientifiche e occupazionale, Chieti, 7 JULY 2008.
  • Societa Italiana di Medicine fisica E Riabilitativa S.I.M.F.E.R , Roma 16 – 20 SEP 2008.
  • 2nd international meetingof rehabilitaion medicine (Tor Vergata, villa mondragone), freschatti 21 – 22 NOV 2008.
  • Riabilitazione e questre in abruzzo, Chieti, 7 MAR 2009.
  • III Rome international meeting on rehabilitation medicine RIMORM09 (focus on vibration energey), 9th -11th semptember 2009.


  • Workshop on vibration in physiopathology and sports 10th September 2009.
  • Course of techniques of posture (PERFEZIONAMENTO PER TECNICO DELLA POSTURA), Roma, 17-18/24-25 october 2009.
  • Course of Rehabilitation of the shoulder, The Center of Consultation at the University of Jordan, 30 April – 1 May, 201, number of hours was (14).
  • Training course in Clinical Management of the Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction, The Center of Consultation at the University of Jordan, 8 May 2010, number of hours was (8).
  •  Injaz courses in market, communication, and economy skills in the Hashemite University during bachelor period.


Speaking Reading Writing
Arabic: Excellent Excellent Excellent
English: Very good Excellent Excellent
Italian: Accepted Good Accepted


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