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  • The Idea of G-NAT was derived from a small business that started in 1994, Horizon Drug Store (HDS) has been providing pharmaceuticals and medical supplies to Jordan & Iraq.
  • During the second decade of its existence HDS has recognized the need to specialize in providing treatment for Genetic Disorders, Hematology/Oncology and Special Disease…. G-NAT was born.
  • G-NAT embarks on an innovative approach that attempts to reform the healthcare systems in the emerging markets in the ME.
  • It accommodates Biotech and High-tech solutions to all medical challenges including the unmet medical needs.

    Main operations are in Jordan & Libya

Our Vision
  • Aiming at providing medical solutions, care, and relief to patients and their families.
  • Aspiring at making a difference in the advancement of healthcare systems in the ME markets.
  • Our determined team is continuously working to provide all patients with life saving products along with access to the most recent and leading solutions.
Bio/Pharmaceutical Companies        
G-NAT deals with
  • Genzyme Corporation “through our sister company Horizon Drug Store HDS”
  • Biomarin
  • Swedish Orphan “through Taiba Pharmacy”
  • Alexion “through Taiba Pharmacy”
Organizational Structure



Gastro-Endoscopy Companies
G-NAT deals with
  • Ovesco Endoscopy AG-OTSC






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