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مركز الامارات للعناية بالسمع
الأخصائي محمد حمدي الهشلمون
الخليل – مجمع خلف التجاري – مقابل التربية والتعليم
تلفاكس : + 972 22 11115
موبايل : + 972 59 83 414 13
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Mohammad Hamdi AL-Hashlamoun

Bachelor / Audiology & Language –Speech Pathology

The Emirates Hearing Center - Palestine


A challenge career is what I was looking for. The strive for learning more every day, was the primary reason I came here to UAE.The thrills of achieving at the end of the day are what keep us working full power and always looking ahead. And as Leo Burnett once said “When you reach for the stars, you may not get one, but you will not come up with a hand of mud either”. So what I want basically is to prove my self in the field that suits me, and persue a stable career.


Personal Information

§  Nationality                              Jordanian

§  Marital Status                         Married

§  Date of Birth                           17th of Nov.1976

§  Place of Birth                          Hebron-Palestine








1994–1998 Applied Science University Amman,jordan

Bachelor / Audiology & Language –Speech Pathology

Graduated with an honours degree as the first student in the Allied Medical Science Faculty, and my GPA  was 88.9%


1993-1994, Al-Emam EL-Shafe’ School Amman, Jordan

Finished my secondary school in a very good degree (GPA 78.8%).



Training Courses

·         Attendance of Otometrics VNG/ENG  Dizzness and imbalance training course, July 27-28 2010 in Palestine, hebron.

·         Attendance of the1st Emirates Neurology Conference of the ORL-HNS of the EMIRATES MEDICAL ASSOCIATION Society, held on 22th to 24th March 2006 -AL-Baraha Hospital-Dubai.

·         Attended the Sixth Bio-monthly meeting of the ORL-HNS Society of the EMIRATES MEDICAL ASSOCIATION Society, held on 9th December 2005, Dubai-UAE.


·         Attended the Guest lecture “Revision Ear Surgery” of the ORL-HNS Society, by Professor H Hildmann,MD, EMIRATES  MEDICAL ASSOCIATION Society,held on the 30th of March 2005,Dubai.


·         Attended the Scientific Meeting of the ORL-HNS Society, EMIRATES MEDICAL ASSOCIATION Society,held on 25th of March 2005,Fujairah ,UAE.


·         Attending the Guest Lecture of the ORL-HNS Society “Audiological Basic Science and Testing” by Professor Mohamad Abdul Hameed ,director of Cleveland Hearing and Balance Centre,USA, held on 12th of January 2005,Dubai.


·         Attending the Guest Lecture “Recent Management of Vestibular Disorders” by Professor Mohamad Abdul Hameed, director of Cleveland Hearing and Balance Centre,USA,held on 10tth of January 2005,Dubai.


·         Attended the Surgical Workshop on BAHA at AL Zahra Hospital-UAE,held on June27-28,2002.


·         Attended the Scientific Symposium of Management of the Audiovestibular and Otological Disorders in Adults and Children, held on 18th of May.1998,Amman-Jordan.


·         Sign Language ,which was held in THE CENTRAL NATIONAL COMMITTEE FOR REHABILITATION, Jerusalem.


·         Computer Courses (Windows 95, Excel 97,Word 97,…).




Strenghths and Related Skills






























Work Experience










·         I’ve comprehensively running The Emirates Hearing Center for all audiological, vestibular and rehabilitative services since Feb 2007 till now.

·         I’ve got the “Charged Audiologist Certificate” of Ministry of Health, UAE on July 2001.

·         I‘ve promoted to “Senior Audiologist and SLP” on April 2004 in UAE MOH.

·         I’ve always had the desire to further my knowledge and advance my career.

·         I’m exceptionally dedicated to any assignments given to me..

·         Well regard for interpersonal, written and verbal communication.

·         Strong organizational and detail oriented skills.

·         Effectively handle multiple tasks simultaneously.

·         Demonstrated the ability to acquire and apply knowledge rapidly.

·         I’ve got a good knowledge in computers.




{ Feb 1999 to Jan 2002 } AL Nahda Medical Centre   Ramallah, West Bank, Palestine.

Worked as Senior Audiologist and SLP, I was working in AL Nahda Medical Centre Conducting Behavioral, Electro physiological Hearing Tests, Hearing aids evaluation and fitting, Dizziness evaluation.


{ Feb 1999 to Jan 2002 }  Hearing Medical Centre Nablus, Palestine.

Working as a part time Senior Audiologist with the same above mentioned assignments.


{ Jan 2002 to Jan 2007}  Fujairah Hospital- Fujairah Emirate, UAE.

Joined as senior Audiologist and SLP with the same above mentioned assignments.


{  Feb 2007 till now } Palestine - West bank – Hebron, running and managing my own private audiological clinic “ The Emirates Hearing Center”.




Fluent in Arabic and English.




Can be summarized in this small list :

·         Using the Internet.

·         Reading subjects related to computers.

·         Sports like : Fishing, swimming, tennis and basket ball.



Documents will be available upon requests.























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