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Dr.Tarek Husni Khrais

Otolaryngology Head & Neck surgery

                                                  P.O. Box 3710

                                                 Irbid 21110


E-mail                                    : Khraistarek@hotmail.com

Tel.                                         :  962-79-5530382 Jordan

Date of birth                         :  November 5,1973

Nationality                            :  Jordanian

Marital status            : Single

General Education                : Jordan secondary school 1987-1990

Languages spoken                 : Arabic, English, Italian.




Qualifications                              :

Bachelor (MD) Jordan university of science and technology

 FRCSI (Oto) 2002

High specialization degree in Otolaryngology Head & Neck surgery     2002                                                  ( Jordan University of Science and Technology)                                                

Jordanian Board of Otolaryngology Head & Neck  surgery. 2002

Diploma of clinical Fellowship in otology neurotology  and skull base surgery. 2004

 Clinical Fellowship of endoscopic laryngeal and  endoscopic sinus  surgery 2007



Jun 1,1996 Jul 15,1997

Rotating House Officer in Princes Basma Teaching Hospital

Jul 15,1997 Des 31,1997

Surgical senior house officer in the general surgical department at Jordan university hospital.

Jan 1,1998 Des 31-1998

Senior house officer in the general surgical department at Princes Basma Teaching hospital.

Jan 1.1999 Sep 1. 2002

ENT senior house officer in ENT department at Princes Basma teaching hospital and king Abdullah teaching hospital.

Sept 4. 2002 Nov30. 2004

Clinical fellow at the Gruppo Otologico Piacenza Rome Italy

At this international highly reputable center of otology neurotology and skull base surgery I was involved in all the clinical and research work.

I learned and performed the whole scope of the surgical procedures of this field including middle ear, inner ear and lateral skull base procedures.

In addition to the vast experience I gained I was actively involved in research work. I published 6 papers assisted in the final steps of their middle ear book, and as a second author with the professor Mario Sanna in 3 additional books concerning skull base surgery, facial nerve surgery and temporal bone dissection.

Dec 1 2005- Sep 2007  

Assistant professor and consultant of Otolaryngology and Otology neurotology skull base surgery in the Jordan University of Science and Technology and King Abdullah University Hospital .

October 2007

Private practice clinic (Al-Khaldi Plaza Medical center)


Surgical procedures:

Otology neuro otology and skull base surgery:

1.      Canalplasty.

2.      Meatoplasty.

3.      Myringotomy.

4.      Myringoplasty.

5.      Canal wall up and intact bridge mastoidectomy.

6.      Canal wall down mastoidectomy.

7.      Modified bondy.

8.      Modified radical and radical mastoidectomy.

9.      Ossiculoplasty and middle ear reconstruction.

10.  Stapedotomy.

11.  External and middle ear carcinoma resection via.

-          Lateral petrosectomy.

-          Subtotal petrosectomy.

-          Total petosectomy.

12.  Cochlear and brainstem implants.

13.  Implantable middle ear hearing aids.

14.  Endolymphatic sac decompression.

15.  Facial nerve decompression via :

-          Closed tympanoplasty.

-          Open tympanioplasty.

-          Translabyrrinthine.

-          Middle cranial fossa.

-          Combined middle cranial fossa transmastoid approach.

-          Transcochlear-transotic approach.

16.  Vertigo operations:

-          Middle ear Genta. injection.

-          Labyrinthectomy.

-          Translabrynthine vestibular neurinectomy.

-          Retrolabyrinthine vestibular neurinectomy.

-          Retrosigmoid vestibular neurinectomy.

17.  Acoustic neuroma resection via:

-          Translabyrinthine.

-          Middle cranial fossa.

-          Rertosigmoid approach.

-          Combined retrosigmoid retro labyrinthine approach.

18.  Glomus jugular foramen and infratemporal tumors resection via :

-          Infratemporal fossa approache A, B, C and D.

-          Petro-Occipital Transsigmoid Approach.

19.  Petrous apex lesions resection via:

-          Transotic approach.

-          Transcochlear A, B, C and D approaches.

Endoscopic Laryngeal surgery:

-    Laser, endoscopic and conventional surgical resection of laryngeal carcinomas

-    Laser and endoscopic resection of benign laryngeal tumors

-    Surgical correction of glottic insufficiency and associated hoarseness and aspiration

Endoscopic sinus surgery and balloon sinuplasty

  General ENT surgical procedures:

1.      Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy.

2.      Direct laryngosopy.

3.      Vocal cord biopsy and stripping.

4.      Antral washout.

5.      Submucosal diathermy

6.      Sub mucosal resection, turbinectomy.

7.      Septoplasty.

8.      Septorhinoplasty.

9.      Salivary glands excision.

         Academic experiences

Teaching and educational appointments

  Assistant professor in the otolaryngology department of THE JORDAN UNIVERSITY OF SCINCE AND TECHNOLOGY.

   Examiner in the Jordanian board of otolaryngology head and neck surgery.

   I am an instructor in the annual international cochlear implant course, skull base surgery course, and middle ear surgery course in Gruppo Otologico/ Italy since Oct. 2004.

Books and chapters

I am a second author in  

1.      Facial nerve in the microsurgery of temporal bone and lateral skull base surgery.

2.      Spanish translation of (Facial nerve in the microsurgery of temporal bone and lateral skull base surgery   )

3.      Temporal bone dissection.

4.      Chinese translation of (Temporal bone dissection  )

I am a third author in

5.      Microsurgery of the lateral skull base.

6.      I have also written the glomus tumors chapter in Wiets text book of skull base surgery.

All these books are published by the famous Thieme publishers and are at a very high scientific level.



1.      Management of temporal bone hemangiomas.Ann Otol Rhinol Laryngol. 2004 Jun;113(6):431-7. Piccir