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Dr. Nayef Fraiwan

Senior Consultant Thoracic Surgeon

Home Tel: +962 6 5825842

 Clinic Tel: +962 6 4648088

 Mobile: +962 795 555 977

                +962 777 555 977                

 Fax:  +962 6 461 2188






Personal information:         

            DOB: 29-Dec-1952

            Place of Birth: Irbed- Jordan


Summary of Qualifications:

1.      Jordanian Board in Thoracic Surgery                     February 1997

2.      FRCS, Edinburgh-UK                                               October  1986

3.      Jordanian Board in General Surgery                       August    1984

4.      MBChB  with Honors ,Rome University-Italy           July        1978                                      


Thoracic Surgeon, King Hussein Medical Center           May 1987-August 2006

St. Joseph Hospital, Milano, Italy                              7 Jan. 2001- 4 Feb.2001

  (Thoracoscopic Surgery).

Mass. General Hospital-Boston,

(Research Fellow in Thoracic Surgery)

                                                                                   August 1994-Dec.1994

Cardio-Thoracic Center, Liverpool, UK                        April 1994-Aug. 1994

Wythenshawe Hospital, Manchester, UK                     Jan 1994-April 1994

General Surgeon-Irbed Military Hospital                     Oct-1986-May-1987

     Scholarship to RCS-Ireland and Edinburgh                Jan-1985 –Oct-1986                              Royal Infirmary- Edinburgh, Scotland                               July-1986-Oct-1986               Richmond Hospital - Dublin                                               July-1985-July-1986        General Surgeon-King Hussein Medical Center                  Jan-1984-Jan-1985

Resident in General Surgery- Rotation to all Surgical Subspecialties


Internship                                                                Nov.1978-dec.1979


Professional Classifications:

Started as House officer 26-Nov 1978, and reached Senior Consultant Thoracic Surgeon, Dec.2001.



 I have extensive experience in all aspects of General Thoracic Surgery, as I have founded the General Thoracic Surgery Department as separate from cardiac and vascular and headed it at King Hussein Medical Center since Jan 1993-2006.

 I headed the emergency department at KHMC for three years.

I started as first Lieutenant and reached Major general.

I am examiner in the Jordanian Board of General Thoracic Surgery since 1998 till present.




 Visiting Surgeon King Hussein Cancer Center Aug 2007- Aug 2010

Visiting Surgeon King Abdullah University Hospital. Aug-2004 –Aug 2009.

 Chief of Thoracic Surgery Department, Jan-1993-Aug-2006

Director of the First Jordanian Hospital to Fallujah, Iraq.                                                                  (20-Apr-2003_ 08-June-2003).

Dean Princess Mona College of Nursing 22-Dec-2004   26-Dec-2005


Professional memberships:

Member of the European Association of Cardio -Thoracic Surgeons  (EACTS).

Member of American Society of Thoracic Surgeons  (STS).

Member of Jordanian Medical Association.

Member of Jordanian Chest diseases Association.

Member of Jordanian Cardio-Thoracic Association.

Member of Jordanian Surgical Association.

Member and President of Jordanian Surgical Thoracic Society


Arabic               Mother Language

English  Fluent reading, writing, and speaking

Italian   Fluent reading, writing, and speaking

Computer skills:

Design my own presentation slides

Internet Communication on local & international servers


Patents and Publications:

  1. Epithelioid hemangioendothelioma of the lung, The Practitioner East Mediterranean Edition, Vol. 8, no. 1, January 1997. (2nd Auther)
  2. Malignant Small Round Cell Tumor of Thoraco-Pulmonary Region (Askin tumor) The Practitioner East Mediterranean Edition. Vol. 9/ no.10, October 1998. (2nd Auther)
  3. Chest Wall Tumors, the Practitioner East Mediterranean Edition, Vol.9, no. 12, 1998. (2nd Auther)

4.   Unilateral Right Pulmonary Artery Agenesis, Qatar Medical Journal, Vol. 7/ No. 2/ November 1998.

5.   Thymectomy for Myasthenia Gravis, Qatar Medical Journal, Volume 7/ No. 2/ November 1998.

6.    Hepatic Hydatid Cyst, Experience at King Hussein Medical Center, Basrah Journal of Surgery, Basrah Medical College, Iraq, Vol. 4, no. 2, September 1998. (2nd Auther)

7.   Esophageal Cancer, the Jordanian Experience at King Hussein Medical Center, Al- Basrah Journal of Surgery, Basrah Medical College, Iraq, Vol. 4, no. 2, September 1998. (1st Auther)

8.   Alveolar Microlithiasis in Jordan, Egyptian journal of Chest Diseases and Tb, Vol.48, no. 1, January 1999. (2nd Auther)

9.   Incidence Rates of Cancer of the Esophagus for Persons Coverd by Royal Joranian Medical Services 1989-1993, Abhath Al-Yarmouk, Basic Sciences and Engineering, Vol.9 No.1 2000. (1st Auther)

10.                Incidence of Achalasia in Jordan, Journal of the Bahrain Medical Society, Accepted for publication, December 2000. (1st Auther)

11. Intrathoracic Hydatid Disease, Experience at king Hussein Medical Center, Journal of Royal Medical Services, Accepted for publication December 2001. (1st Auther)

12.                Experience with Sarcoidosis at king Hussein Medical Center, June 1995, Journal of Royal Medical Services.

13.                Primary Repair of a large incomplete Sternal defect in an asymptomatic infant with prolene mesh.  Journal of Pediatric Surgery 11/2008, 43(10)     


1.   Modified Heller’s Myotomy for Achalasia, Results with the Thoracic Approach, The First Panarab Conference of Thoracic Medicine and Surgery, 7-9 September 1993 Amman-Jordan.

2.   Spontaneous Pneumothorax, Jordanian General Practitioner Society, 1st conference, 18-20 September 1996, Amman-Jordan.

3.   Broncho-Pleural Fistula after Pneumonectomy, Experience at KHMC, Primer Congreso Hispano-Jordano, 28-30 October 1996, Amman-Jordan.

4.   Trauma in Traffic Accidet, pttern and Impact, The 24th Conference of the Jordanian Surgical Society, The 4th Jordan German Conference, 4-6 November 1996, Amman-Jordan.

5.   Resectability of Malignant Esophageal Tumors, Comparison of the CT scan with operative findings, 2nd January 1997, Second scientific day of surgical department.

6.   Unilateral Right Pulmonary Artery Agenesis, Iternational Congress of Thorax Surgery, 1-8 July 1997, Athens, Greece.

7.   Endoscopic closure of Bronchopleural Fistula with Tachocomb, Second International Congress of Thorax Surgery 24-27 June 1998, Bologna, Italy.

8.   Esophageal Cancer, The Jordanian Experience at KHMC, Second International Congress of Thorax Surgery, 24-27 June, Bologna, Italy.

9.   Pulmonary Alveolar Microlithiasis, review of Jordanian reports, Second International Congress of Thorax Surgery 24-27 Bologna, Italy.

10.                Surgery of the gastro-esophageal reflux, Sep. 1998. The 26th Conference of the Jordanian Surgical Society.

11. Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Jordanian Experience at KHMC, The Second Panarab Conference of Thoracic Medicine and Surgery, 3-6 November 1998, Cairo, Egypt.

12.                Pulmonary Hydatid Disease, Ten Years Experience at KHMC, Third Panarab Conference of Thoracic Medicine and Surgery, 4-7 November 1999, Amman- Jordan.

13.                Tracheal Surgery, experience at KHMC. 14th Pan Arab Surgical Conference Amman, 2-4 September 2004.




مستشار اول جراحة الصدر

زميل كلية الجراحين الملكية - ادنبرة

عضو جمعية جراحي الصدر والقلب الاوروبية

رئيس اختصاص جراحة الصدر / مدينة الحسين الطبية (سابقا) 

   أنا من مواليد 1952 حصلت على الشهادة الجامعية الأولى من روما وبدرجة شرف

عام 1978 والتحقت للخدمة في القوات المسلحة الأردنية 26-11- 1978  حيث أكملت الإمتياز وتم اختياري مقيما في الجراحة العامة في 1980 .

حصلت على البورد الأردني في الجراحة العامة في 4-8-1984 . تم إيفادي في دورة للمملكمة المتحدة لمدة عامين حصلت خلالها على الزمالة البريطانية في الجراحة العامة (  (FRCS في 16-10-1986.

التحقت بتخصص جراحة الصَدر في مدينة الحسين الطبية بتاريخ 1-5-1987  حيث كنت من المؤسسين لهذا التخصص المستقل عن القلب والذي يشتمل على ما يلي:

   جراحة الرُغامة، القصبات الهوائية، الرئتين، الغشاء البلوري، جدار الصَدر، الغدة الزعترية، الحجاب الحاجز،   بعض حالات تضخم الغدة الدرقية، أمراض المرىء وأعلى المعدة، التشوهات الخلقية للقفص الصَدري وعلاج   التعرُق الزائد في اليدين والوجه. 

  تم إيفادي بدورة تخصص عليا في جراحة الصَدر لكل من بريطانيا وأمريكا لمدة عام.

 حصلت على البورد الأردني في جراحة الصَدر عام 1997.

عملت في مركز الحسين للسرطان لمدة عام.

عملت في مستشفى الملك عبدالله لمدة عامين.

شاركت في العديد من المؤتمرات المحلية والعالمية ولي العديد من الأوراق والبحوث العلمية


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