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Dr. Nabil Saleh Mehyar

P.O Box 923229 - /Amman - 11192 / Jordan Email:

Telephone: Office 5300363 Home: 5063944 Mobile : 0795547639




Nationality:              Jordanian Marital status: married with 5 children
               1- Mother language
               2- Other languages: English University
Education:              M.B/B.CH from Ain Shams  University In Cairo/Egypt (1972-1978) 
	           with a grade very Good with honor

Postgraduate studies:

               1-Jordanian Board of Internal Medicine 1988
               2- Diploma in Nephrology with distinction / London 1994
               3- Jordanian Board of Nephrology 1996

Professional experience:

1-Intern in the hospitals of ministry of health / Jordan  (1979-1980)
2-General resident in Maadaba hospital / Jordan  (1979-1980)
3-G.P in Al –Mahatta medical center / Amman  - Jordan  (1981-1984)
4-Resident & senior resident in Al-Bashir Hospital/department 
Of internal medicine/Amman-Jordan (1984-1987)
5-Senior resident in Princess Basma hospital/department of internal medicine/Irbid-Jordan (1987-1988)
6-Internist & fellow in nephrology in Al-Bashir hospital/Amman-Jordan
 (1989-1993).During this period a clinical attachment was done
in the Nephrology & Kidney Transplantation Department in King Hussein Medical Center
7-A course in nephrology & kidney transplantation in Hammersmith Hospital London  (1993-1994)
8-Consultant in internal medicine & nephrology in Al-Bashir hospital/Amman-  Jordan  (1994-2001)
9-Consultant in internal medicine & nephrology / private clinic Essra Hospital-  Amman 2001 up to date

Past professional jobs:

1-             Head of renal unit /Al-Bashir hospital-Amman (1993-2001)
2-             Associate lecturer of clinical teaching of internal Medicine / University  of  Jordan  (1993-2001)


Hepatitis C Virus Infection in Hem dialysis patients in Jordan . Saudi
Journal of Kidney Diseases & Transplantation 1995, Volume 6, No. 2 ,


1-             Jordanian Society of Nephrology & Kidney Transplantation
2-             Arab Society of Nephrology & Kidney Transplantation
3-             Middle East  Society for Organ Transplantation

Scientific courses & congresses:

               1-XXXth congress of EDTA held in Glasgow UK .
3-             Postgraduate Nephrology Week: Genes & the Kidney at the institute  of  Child Health in  London
                (March 7-11, 1994)
4-             First International Congress in Dialysis in Developing  Countries held in Singapore (November 2-5, 1994)
5-             7th Congress of the International Society for Peritoneal  Dialysis held in Stockholm/Sweden (June 18-21, 1995)
6-             2nd Pan Arab Hypertension Congress held in Lebanon  (July30-  August 3, 1995)
7-             7th Congress of the ESOT held in Vienna  (Oct.3-7, 1995)
8-             XVI International Congress of the Transplantation Society  Held in Barcelona/Spain (August25-30, 1996)
9-             6th International Course on Peritoneal Dialysis held in  Vicenza/Italy (May20-23, 1997)
10-           8th Congress of the ESOT held in Budapest/Hungary (Sept.2-  6, 1997)
11-           5th Congress of the Arab Nephrology & Renal Transplantation Society held in Beirut/Lebanon (Nov.5-7, 1998)
12-           3rd European Peritoneal Dialysis Meeting held in Edinburgh/Scotland (April5-7, 1998)
13-           XXXVI ERA-EDTA Congress held in Madrid/Spain (Sept.5-8, 1999)
14-           XVIII International Congress of the Transplantation Society Held in Rome/Italy (August27-Septemper1, 2000)
15-           2nd Update In Nephrology Course held in Dubai/U.A.E (February  5-8, 2001)
16-           Renal Transplant Symposium held in Jordan Valley Marriott/Dead Sea (December 11, 2003)
17-           Peritoneal Dialysis Forum held in Amman/Jordan (April13- 14, 2005)
18-           IX Congress of the Arab Society of Nephrology & Renal  Transplantation held in Amman/Jordan (April2-5, 2006)
19-           Advances In Managing Cardiovascular Risk held in Amman/Jordan  (December 14-15, 2006)





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