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Al-Shaheen Clinics

K.S.A. - Jeddah

Tel:9662+698757 – 6988022

The Complete Dental Care Program 

Our USA.-trained team provides the following services using the latest equipment’s and techniques in dentistry.

  Services carried are:

Preventive dentistry join our periodic Re-call system to eliminate the problem of bleeding gums, stained teeth, bad breath, upon your 1st visit to our clinics you will, be automatically enrolled in our periodic recall system.


1-    Bleaching teeth:

Befor-After-Smile.gif (5828 bytes)

Get a Hollywood-charming smile by a very simple, painless and cost effective procedure.

 2-    Crown and bridge work

We use the latest and highest quality materials that are currently used worldwide lncerams (porcelain metal free crowns) porcelain facing and porcelain crown.

 3-    lmplantology 

We provide this advanced service up to the latest standards carried. The percentage of success nowadays exceeds 97% if the entire requirement is fulfilled from the patient side.

 4-    Orthodontic treatment

In case of malpositoned teeth we have two major concerns not only for esthetics but also to avoid any complications of periodontal mature such as pocket formation.

Our Team 

Dr. Sameh N. Shaheen

Dental surgeon and member of American dental associates

 Dr .lsmail Eid

Implants +prosthetic consultant and mem-ber of American associates

 Dr. Mazen Ghanim

Orthodontist – France

 Dr. Hala Siraj


Our Location :

Al shaheen clinicsi prince abdullah st.west of bicycli round about, next to shaker center.

 Al Shaheen Clinics-l

 Al Badriya medical tower prince Abdullah St, opposite to Saudia city

Tel:698757 – 6988022

 Contact Shaheen Clincs

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